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VRA Owner Maria Carr Deemed Not Credible In Court Case Against Former Employer Playmaker Sound

Vibes reggae arena
VRA reggae

Vibes Reggae Arena owner Maria Carr formerly known as Lady Lyrical along with the British authorities recently failed for a third time to incarcerate Carr’s former employer Real Scarface owner of Playmaker sound system on fake charges.

Recently in a UK Crown Court Real Scarface Playmaker sound owner was cleared of all criminal charges against him after Maria Carr the white owner of Vibes Reggae Arena falsely claimed to the British police that Real Scarface real name Wayne Everett was causing her harm and distress by claiming she was a racist.

This case came about when in 2014 Carr was fired from Playmaker sound and due to her issues she stole equipment afforded to her by the owner. Carr then in 2014 reported Real Scarface to the UK police falsely claiming that he was harassing her for requesting his equipment be returned after 25 separate reports to the UK police Real Scarface was arrested wrongly over 20 times culminating in Real Scarface being acquitted in Milton Keynes magistrates court and Carr being labeled as a “liar” and a “theatrical lady” by a serving judge.

It is alleged from December 2014 after Scarface was cleared until 2019 Carr has led a calculated campaign of hate with other none blacks in the black community against Real Scarface his friends, family, and associates.

In 2017 Carr took to the black community via Facebook live in an attempt to assassinate Real Scarfaces character this was reported to the British Police as racially motivated hate crime resulting in Carr being warned by the police that if she continued she would be charged with a criminal offence.

Due to unfairness and racial basis, Carr was permitted by the UK police to make a counter allegation against Real Scarface resulting in the UK police charging Real Scarface for alledged internet posts.

After 2 years of waiting for his day in court in March 2019 the UK prosecutor (CPS) decided that she was not going to offer any evidence in the case even though Carr had given a 10 page statement and provided the court with 190 screenshots from Twitter, Facebook and various websites owned by Real Scarface alleging that this was evidence that caused her harm and distress.

The UK prosecutor (CPS) was forced to offer no evidence, leaving the court no choice but to find Real Scarface not guilty due to the fact that Maria Carr the chief witness could not have been relied upon. Maria Carr was deemed NOT CREDIBLE and not one state agency from the police to the CPS could verify her credibility.

Music Culture News has attempted to get hold of Carr for a statement but she remains unavailable.

This is not the first time Carr has been accused of adverse acts against black people in the reggae community in 2011 Carr was responsible for the now infamous Ricky Trooper Prank Call and in 2015 she was accused of being behind a physical assault on Canadian national Steve Levy in Jamaica this is just 2 of many occurrences involving Carr and her crew of none blacks she calls “team hate”.

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