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Video: Sharon Osbourne claims Meghan Markle isn’t Black

Sharon Osbourne said that Meghan Markle isn’t Black in a resurfaced video from 2018.
Speaking on “The Talk,” Osbourne justified her comments by saying Markle “doesn’t look Black.”

Sharon Osbourne repeatedly denied that Meghan Markle is Black in a resurfaced segment from “The Talk,” filmed in 2018.

In a video clip that has circulated on Twitter and has since been reshared by Metro, Osbourne rejected her co-host Sheryl Underwood’s comment that the Duchess of Sussex “brought Blackness to the royal family.”

“She ain’t Black,” Osbourne said in the clip. 

After her co-hosts informed her that Markle was “half Black,” Osbourne responded: “Yeah, I know, but she doesn’t look Black.”

The other co-hosts didn’t appear to agree with Osbourne’s comments, with the rapper Eve responding: “Black people come in all different colors. That’s a whole other different discussion about how Black you look or not look … that’s a whole discussion we don’t need to have.”

The Duchess of Sussex spoke about her experience with racism as a biracial person in the 2012 “I Won’t Stand For…” campaign. The duchess’ mother is Black, and her father is white. 

“Most people can’t tell what I’m mixed with, and so much of my life has felt like being a fly on the wall,” Markle said in the video. “Some of the slurs that I’ve heard, or the really offensive jokes, or the names, it’s just hit me in a really strong way.”

Osbourne’s resurfaced comments come as she faces criticism for defending Piers Morgan in a heated debate with co-host Sheryl Underwood last week.

Morgan resigned from his position as a co-host of “Good Morning Britain” last week after refusing to apologize for his negative comments about Markle following the Oprah interview.

“I feel like I’m about to be put in the electric chair because I have a friend who many people think is racist, so that makes me a racist,” Osbourne said.

“I will ask you again, Sheryl. I’ve been asking you during the break,” she added later in the show. “And don’t try and cry because if anyone should be crying, it should be me. This is the situation: You tell me where you have heard him say racist things. Educate me.”

Osbourne later released an official statement apologizing for her comments, saying: “To anyone of color that I offended and/or to anyone that feels confused or let down by what I said, I am truly sorry.”

“I panicked, felt blindsided, got defensive, and allowed my fear and horror of being accused of being racist take over. There are very few things that hurt my heart more than racism so to feel associated with that spun me fast,” she added.

Further allegations that  Osbourne used several racial slurs while referring to her former co-host Julie Chen


Sharon Osbourne is continuing to deny the mounting allegations of racism and bullying against her. 

On Tuesday, journalist Yashar Ali published a report alleging that Osbourne, 68, referred to her former The Talk co-host Julie Chen as “wonton” and “slanty eyes,” citing multiple unnamed sources, including another former The Talk co-host, Leah Remini

For more on Sharon Osbourne, listen below to the episode of PEOPLE Every Day.

Osbourne called the claims “crap, all crap,” in an interview first given to Daily Mail Wednesday, (PEOPLE confirmed the veracity of the quotes, and Osbourne shared a similar statement), but repeated the racist language, adding “Everyone’s got an opinion or a story like the wonton story. It’s like f— off with your f—— wonton story. F— off!” 

“Of course, it’s a pile on. People want to add fuel to the fire and it comes with the territory and that’s fine,” she said.

Ali’s Tuesday report further claimed that Osbourne referred to former co-host and executive producer Sara Gilbert, who is lesbian, as “p—- licker” and “fish eater.”

Reps for both Chen and Gilbert did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment at the time. 

In a statement shared with PEOPLE on Tuesday, Osbourne’s publicist, Howard Bragman, denied the allegations against the British TV personality. That same day, CBS announced that The Talk will extend its production hiatus until next Tuesday as they “continue to review these issues.

“CBS is committed to a diverse, inclusive and respectful workplace across all of our productions,” reps for the show said in a statement to PEOPLE. “We’re also very mindful of the important concerns expressed and discussions taking place regarding events on The Talk.  This includes a process where all voices are heard, claims are investigated and appropriate action is taken where necessary.”

The show previously announced a production hiatus on Monday, less than a week after Osbourne defended friend Piers Morgan following the backlash for his controversial remarks questioning the validity of Meghan Markle‘s discussion on mental health during her recent interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Her defense led to an intense exchange with co-host Sheryl Underwood during Wednesday’s episode, who pushed back on Osbourne’s downplaying of Morgan’s comments. Osbourne apologized days later for her “panicked” remarks on air.

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That same week, Holly Robinson Peete, who exited the daytime talk show in 2011 following its first season, claimed that Osbourne had complained she was “too ‘ghetto,'”  and alleged that it played a role in her departure.

According to the report from Ali, Remini also claimed that Osbourne didn’t want Peete as a co-host on The Talk. Prior to filming the first season of the show, Remini said she went to lunch with Osbourne, who “tried to persuade [Remini] to join Osbourne in ousting Robinson Peete as a co-host,” the report states.

Holly Robinson Peete sharon osbourne

Remini alleged that after Osbourne costarred with Peete on The Celebrity Apprentice 3, Osbourne said Peete “wasn’t a good person, not to trust her and that we should find ‘another Black person who is funny.'”

Though Peete and Remini both went on to host The Talk, their time was short-lived. The pair was fired by the end of season 1 at Osbourne’s direction, multiple sources told Ali.

On Friday, Peete, 56, recalled her exit, which came after Osbourne’s alleged name-calling on the show.

“I’m old enough to remember when Sharon complained that I was too ‘ghetto’ for #theTalk…then I was gone,” Peete tweeted. “I bring this up now bc I was mortified watching the disrespectful condescending tone she took w/her co host who remained calm & respectful because…she HAD to. 🤦🏽‍♀️ 🤷🏽‍♀️ #fbf.”

The following day, Osbourne denied ever calling Peete “too ghetto” or having a role in her exit from the show.

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