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Victoria’s Secret ‘Angels’ Captured Rapping ‘N-Word’ on Video

I don’t know why this is news white people rapping along to songs that contain the word nigger if you pissed at this go to any Jay z concert and listen 60,000 white people saying the word nigga. I am in the UK and we haven’t got that Afro American mentality of allowing none blacks to use the word freely. These white girls are as black as Cardi B which part of Cardi B is black ? Yall cannot have it both ways if yall ok with Cardi using you cant say nothing if these white girls using it.

Months after Cardi B’s banger “Bodak Yellow” became a cherished component of the summer of 2017, folks are still recording themselves getting amped to the Grammy-nominated song. But for a group of mostly White Victoria’s Secret models, they would’ve been better off singing the Taylor Swift song that “Bodak” knocked to second place on the Billboard 100 in September. Prior to Tuesday’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, a group of Victoria’s Secret Angels were recorded backstage by model Karlie Kloss rapping to “Bodak” as it plays in the background. That could have been fine and dandy. “Bodak” is literally the song to sing when millions of people are about to watch you kill the runway. But the models failed to censor themselves when “n***a” popped up in the song’s chorus.

The lyric in question takes place during when the Bronx beauty rapped: “And I’m quick to cut a n***a off so don’t get comfortable.”

The video was uploaded by a social media account connected to Kloss on Wednesday. The full video appears to have edited out the racial slur,but the original clip shows the models in all their racial-slur utilizing brazenness.

Victoria’s Secret has yet to make a statement regarding the video.

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