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Usain Bolt and His ‘A-Team’ fire back at Popcaan comments in new song: “Say Less”

Jamaican sprint legend Usain Bolt and his A-Team appear to have taken aim at Dancehall star Popcaan’s dismissive comments in a new song they call Say Less.

Bolt dropped Say Less yesterday, featuring himself, his manager Nugent “NJ” Walker, Ricardo ‘Bibi’ Gardner, and Kamal.  The song, in its intro, as well as the title, seemingly acknowledges Popcaan’s criticism of Bolt and NJ’s Living The Dream single, which was released in January.

Popcaan, having listened to Living the Dreamimplied on Instagram that NJ, who did most of the vocals, had lacked musical talent. The Unruly deejay also admonished Usain Bolt to help ‘some youth wid real musical talent’ because “them dey ya nuff”.

Bolt and NJ later defended their song saying that it was actually done in a bid to help an aspiring producer, Rajah, to achieve his dreams.  Popcaan, meanwhile, declared that he was “not sorry” about his comments, which had attracted some backlash from fans and a few other entertainers.

Say Less’ intro begins:

Yo a Joke This
Dem Seh A-Team never ready enuh
We shouldn’t get involve inna this
But guess wah
I know people
One Boy name Kamal
Watch the boy Bibi a look pon me
Wah you think
Dem nuh ready doh
Lets GO !!

A “flossing” song, Say Less would be described in poetry as a “nonsense verse” as in some nursery rhymes, an amphigory, or a rigmarole. The emphasis of the song appears to be on making the verses rhyme as opposed to being logical or constructive.

This is evident in lines such as “Gal inna June Gal inna earth Want fi go moooonn” and “Gal weh blossom Gal weh Bloom, Link Up mek me see unnu soon, Tik Tok Twitter, Send me money go Zoom Zoommm”.

The song centers around impressing girls in a nightclub by spending a lot of cash, and by all indications, seems destined to be another flop, with little more than 4,000 views on Bolts’ YouTube VEVO up to midday today.


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