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Tupac Shakur ‘alive’ as Picture Shows ‘Rapper’s Fading Tattoos’, Claim Fans


The narrator in the YouTube video urges the viewer to look at the man’s tattoos, saying they are the same as the US rapper who was shot in 1996

A GRAINY photo is meant to prove that Tupac Shakur is still alive, according to the latest conspiracy theory. A picture of a man sporting a ‘tache and goatee and wearing a straw hat and a short-sleeved shirt is meant to prove that the US rapper didn’t die after being shot in a drive-by shooting in September 1996.
This photo is meant to show Tupac, aged 48
Matching Tattoos
The YouTube channel Wired Up TV has now shown the image, claiming the man pictured is Tupac, now aged 48. Where or when the picture is taken is not revealed but the narrator claims it was taken after he died. In the rambling commentary by an unnamed narrator it is claimed it shows Tupac and says that despite the poor quality of the picture the man has the same tattoos. The narrator said: “Look closely at Tupac’s arms – you can see the outline of tattoos on his left arm. “The reason you can’t see the tattoos clearly is because he’s covering them up when he goes outside. “He’s not trying to be recognised, he’s not trying to be known. “One thing people recognise about Tupac is his tattoos – his bandanna and his tattoos.” The narrator is convinced “100 percent” it is the famous rapper. He said: “Look at his eyes, look at his face – what more proof do you want?” While the narrator is convinced the picture shows Tupac other users of the site are not so convinced. One wrote: “The only clear point in this pic is his face,the rest is blurred. Real funny how they still try to put him on the map.” Another said: “Catch him and do a DNA test there your proof.” A third commented: “If he was alive and didn’t want to be found u no think he would get his tattoos removed it’s easy done.” Tupac was just 25 when he was gunned down as he was riding in a black BMW on the Las Vegas strip after a Mike Tyson fight. He was placed in a coma but died in hospital from internal bleeding six days later. Many conspiracy theories are swirling that Tupac actually survived the shooting and faked his death. the internet went wild two years ago over claims Tupac had been photographed apparently living a new life in Cuba. But the identity of the chart-topper’s killer has remained a mystery for more than 20 years and no charges have ever been brought. One possible suspect, identified in 2002 by an LA Times investigation, was Orlando Anderson, a member of the Southside Crips gang. It claimed that Shakur and several of their entourage had beaten up Anderson the same day as the shooting, but Las Vegas cops discounted the beating from their investigation.
Anderson, who denied the claims, was later killed in a gang shooting in 1998. Last year The Sun Online revealed how the  director of another film which claims to have solved the murder mystery says LA cops ‘hindered’ his long-running battle for justice. RJ Bond said some of the homicide detectives responsible for tracking down the rap star’s cold-blooded killers had hidden agendas and seemed to have no interest in finding those really responsible.
Play VideoKeffe D describes the shots fired from the car he was in with nephew Orlando Anderson when rapper Tupac Shakur was murdered in Death Row Chronicles
A YouTube account claimed this photo is an older Tupac, now living in Cuba
theorists claim music videos showing Tupac wearing never-released trainers prove he is still alive
 No one has ever been arrested for the death of Tupac Shakur
No one has ever been arrested for the death of Tupac Shakur

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