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Can’t Tell A Man How To Spend His Money

No man can tell a man how to spend his money but if you’re representing a whole culture, if you put yourself in a position of power in that culture through money and the influence thereof then you have to take direction from the people. Your decisions have to be well thought out and calculated because one wrong move could have a long-lasting effect for better or for worst. Recently Irish and Chin the number one Promotor’s of reggae sound clash kept their annual world clash event in New York. World clash before the advent of the internet was the only way to buss a sound internationally and used to be a key event in the reggae calendar for thousands around the world especially when the event used to be held in three separate countries. As time has gone on World clash popularity has declined and the quality of the competition seems to have declined with it. World clash for the past few years has only been kept in America it used to be kept in Jamaica the home of soundclash and UK the second home of soundclash again you can’t tell a man how to spend money however if your going to bypass these countries at least put the best representation of these countries in World clash. For numerous years Irish and Chin have failed to water the clash garden that of UK and Jamaica. The World clash qualification clashes kept in America and Canada spawned Innocent and King Shine which you can agree or disagree are the best young sounds out of USA. Canada Rumble brought King Turbo to the attention of the world there was no European rumble however Warria and Jugglas were chosen to represent Europe as the best and most consistent sounds out of that region.

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As The home of sound system culture, reggae music and sound clash, Jamaica for the past few years has been represented in World clash by juggling sounds (party sounds) personally I find this decision by Irish and Chin to be very disrespectful and damaging to the culture. THere are several new world-class clash sounds active in Jamaica Red Heat, Choice Movement to name two. there are in Jamaica several big clashes to see clash sound systems perform throughout the year so why choose juggling sounds no disrespect intended to Metro or Renaissance but this decision is not only watering down the WorldClash brand but the clash culture, clash fans don’t attend clashes to see juggling sounds clash. Jamaica the home of soundclash should be represented to the fullest not only is it the home of soundclash but if your an active young clash sound in Jamaica your struggle is ten times harder than any other sound in the world not only due to the economy the violence the government you also have some of the biggest sounds in the world to live up to imagine living up to the standards set by Jaro, Bass Odesssey to name a few. Even with the decline of soundclash culture over the years there are members of the public that even though they don’t follow soundclash culture they will attend Worldclash they will listen to the audio just like you have people that don’t follow football domestic leagues but will watch the football World Cup same as you have people that don’t follow sport but will still watch the olympics every four years.


Just like the world cup and the Olympics the world is watching and so the standards have to be high if the worst runners kept being picked for 100 meters then 100 meters eventually wouldn’t be  the pinnacle of the Olympics that’s why they do all they can to maintain the value of the event with technology and trying to stop cheats it’s the same with Worldclash it is Irish and Chins responsibility to keep the standards as high as possible. There was no UK rumble due to according to Chin “lack of participants” so based on the fact according to Chin King Tubbys from London UK were the only sound willing to step up. Chin chose King Tubbys from the UK to represent UK in the World clash again you can’t tell a man how to waste his money but really if you are going to put a sound in Worldclash to represent a place that was once at the forefront of the culture that is now on the bottom of the culture a sound who has no or little ratings internationally or at home, has failed to perform or make an impact in its 45 years in the industry. Surely the UK where clash is struggling deserved better at least for the young up and coming sounds to look up to. Platinum Cartel won the nearest thing to the UK rumble London Cup Clash, Playmaker is the most talked about sound out of UK for decades the only sound to leave Uk and win an international Cup in decades, Classique won King Of The North and performed well against weak opposition instead we get Tubbys 45 years in the business and still getting confused with the real Tubby from Jamaica. Again there are people that don’t follow clash but they listen to world clash so when Irish and Chin are putting these guys in to the premiere clash competition people believe that this is the creme de creme of soundclash putting across a false impression that the UK, yes it’s in a bad place but not as bad as King Tubbys would have the world believe, based on their Worldclash performance yes Jamaica isn’t the place it used to be as far as clash but surely it deserves at least one clash sound representing it… The Rise Of The New Champions deserved new champion sounds.

What do you think?

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