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The Great Sound System Robbery 2018

This marks a sad sad time in sound system culture for decades a man’s sound and his dubs were scared many many 100s of selectors and mic men have joined sounds and left sounds with the understanding of the unwritten rule, the gentleman’s agreement that when you leave you to leave with what you came with.


In an unprecedented move, Corporal Billy and Zookie from the UKs Luv Injection sound decided to split from the owner of the sound and build their own sound taking the name of the sound and the dubs with them against the owner Winstons express permission.

Over the past few months, Luv Injection with Billy and Zookie have been taking dates up and down the UK under the name Luv Injection. Billy and Zookie even though they have no financial stake in Luv Injection feel that the time and effort they put into building Luv Injection is enough to warrant their actions.

The owner of Luv Injection Winston is not happy, to say the least, and is looking for a resolve.

We hear about these issues from time to time in our culture but never on this level and never so blatant it’s clearly a sign of the times that we are living where morals and principles hold no merit behold the end of sound clash culture as we know it.

recently Fadda pow, Weepow the owner of one of the most iconic sound systems in reggae music history released a video on social media addressing the same issue that Winston owner of Luv Injection is going through.

In the 3-minute video Fadda pow can be seen addressing the camera declaring that “this video is especially to the fans in England” he goes on to explain “that’s there has been a situation” and that “Stone love has been playing in England for many many years.”

Fadda pow real name Winston Powell proceeded to say “that stone love had been going to England for over 20 years in the month of May” he continued “Rory my past select was one of the people you used to know  Rory is no longer with Stone Love for the past ten years” this in itself might be a revelation to a lot of dancehall fans.

The name Rory real name Rory Gilligan is synonymous with Stone Love Movements and has been a selector for the ‘immortal sound’ Since 1982, while a student at Calabar High School in St Andrew,

Fadda Pow who built Stone Love in 1972 continues in the video by addressing an incident recently in the UK where he was booked on an event and it came to light Rory unofficially using the Stone Love brand was also booked on the same night in London “the promotor  put out there flyer for the event all to behold there’s a next flyer for the next dance in London on the same given night and to make matters worst Rory is using Rory Stone Love Rory does not own Stone Love the man even using my Stone Love Logo that I spent thousands of dollars to create.”

Stone Love and Luv Injection owners both find themselves in a fucked up situation where people they employed and built are now claiming ownership of their sounds because of the unregulated nature of sound system culture and the rise in police informing this has become possible.


Rory Stone Love and Billy/Zukie Luv Injection are all being endorsed by the same people Irish and Chin and Valery Roberts the CEO of V Rocket sound and head of Reggae Girls Promotions. Valery and Irish and Chin both have known the owners of Stone Love and Luv Injection for several decades.

Music Culture News spoke to Winston the owner of Luv Injection he said he had spoken to Valery for over an hour and asked Valery why she was booking Billy and Zukie under the Luv Injection name knowing that they didn’t have permission according to Winston Valery couldn’t respond he then put it to Valery “what if KD (who plays on V Rocket) did the same thing to you as Billy and Zukie are doing to me?” again Valery had no answers.

These two individuals Chin and Valery over the past two decades along with Jill Barnes from Canada under the guise of building sound clash culture have done so much to harm sound system culture. Chin has used his position in the culture for divisive means.


What we are witnessing is Irish and Chin and Valery trying to take over Stone Love and Luv Injection by force knowing that there is no legal documentation between the parties knowing that you the public don’t give fuck about truths and rights, keeping sound clash in a GAY club in 2017 and omitting Jamaica sounds from World Clash was Chin testing the waters.

We spoke to Dennis Rowe owner of Saxon who himself went through a similar coup attempt by Trevor Ranks aka Trevor Sax hear what Mr Rowe said below:

Back in the day this would not have been a problem Billy Zukie and Rory all would have got their head buss but we live in a time where sound clash fans turn a blind eye to devil worship and racism so what do we really expect?







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