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    Trump Signals Support For Legislation Lifting Federal Ban On Cannabis

    LOS ANGELES (AP) – President Donald Trump says he’s inclined to support a bipartisan effort in Congress to ease the U.S. ban on cannabis. Asked Friday about a proposal that would reshape the nation’s approach to pot, Trump said he would “probably end up supporting that.” The federal ban has created a conflict with more than […] More

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    Nipsey Hussle Performs ‘F*** DONALD TRUMP’ W/ Kanye’s Pic as a Backdrop

    Nipsey Hussle led a chant this weekend calling for concert-goers to say “F*** Donald Trump” — but he might’ve also been saying “F*** Kanye West.” Nipsey was performing Saturday for the Broccoli City Festival in D.C., where he played his and YG‘s song “FDT (F*** Donald Trump)” toward the end of his set … using Kanye’s MAGA photo as a […] More

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    This Is the Woman President Trump Wants to Be the First Female African-American Marine General

    President Donald Trump has nominated the first African-American woman for promotion to general in the U.S. Marine Corps. Col. Lorna M. Mahlock will be promoted to the rank of brigadier general if confirmed, the U.S. Department of Defense announced on Tuesday. Mahlock is currently the deputy director of Operations, Plans, Policies, and Operations Directorate at Marine Corps Headquarters […] More

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    Trump Considers ‘Full Pardon’ of Boxer Jack Johnson After Sylvester Stallone Phone Call. Call Him Again,

    According to your President and his Twitter-fingers, Sylvester Stallone called him and shared with him the story of former heavyweight champ, Jack Johnson. Johnson had been the subject of significant racial resentment, especially after his defeat of white boxer James Jeffries, in the “Fight of the Century” in 1910. Johnson’s win sparked race riots across […] More

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    Ivanka Trump Tweeted About Black History Month; It Didn’t Go Well

    Ohhh, Ivanka Trump, how I long for the days when you didn’t have a speaking role and were simply a sideshow to your father’s racism, xenophobia and overall heartlessness.

    I miss the old Ivanka, whose top job was making silly clothing in the fashion business that was gifted to her from her daddy. On Thursday, Ivanka took a swing at commemorating Black History Month through the White House’s essential form of communication: Twitter.

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    Well, because she’s the daughter of arguably the most divisive president in the history of America, her posting noting that “we resolve to continue to bring greater equality, dignity, and opportunity to all Americans” (as the president continues to “Make America’s white supremacy emboldened again”) didn’t go over well.