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    The Top Ten Killers Of Sound Clash Culture

    Today right now 2017 there are people of all ages who love and have an opinion on Soundclash culture and its present state some of those people might say soundclash is in a great place others will disagree.Some people who remember the original school of sound system culture speaker vinyl acetate, box’s, amplifiers, people toasting on the mic might […] More

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    The Magic Kingdom of Soundclash

    I remember growing up in the early 80s listening to Stone Love, Jah Creation, KillamanJaro, Saxon  I remember listening to Papa San Dj ” No Batty Mon No Sodomite ” I remember the crowd screaming the whistles and the pye pye!! in the background. I remember the magic and anticipation of seeing the cassette man […] More

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    The image above most of us will recognise as a remix of one of the most iconic images of reggae sound system culture however instead of Coxsone sound members you see Canadian Jew rapper Drake, Justin Bieber and Bajan songstress Rihanna now if you never seen the original to this image you would not be […] More