The image above most of us will recognise as a remix of one of the most iconic images of reggae sound system culture however instead of Coxsone sound members you see Canadian Jew rapper Drake, Justin Bieber and Bajan songstress Rihanna now if you never seen the original to this image you would not be wrong in thinking that this is the original image and if I spent enough time on Google I could make this image the number one image you see when you type in Coxsone in Google. Why would I or anyone want to that? Maybe I am a fan of Drake and want it to look like he is a great party Dj or maybe I am a white man trying to misappropriate someone else’s culture for my own personal financial gain like for example what they did with Rock n Roll this might be a surprise to some of you but Rock n Roll was a negro music invented by negros and Elvis is nothing but a thief, liar and a fraud and could never be the king of Rock n Roll. When I was growing up in the 70s and 80s RnB was guitar music played by wonderful characters like Muddy Waters and Fats Domino now in 2016 RnB is what ??

The internet is the modern day number one source of information some of us know that the internet is full of shit filled lies and deception but the generation that’s coming up now believe everything on the internet, Google and Facebook is the new Bible, everything on there is gospel and is to be followed and adhered to, so it’s the internet that determines that Beyoncé is an RnB singer when in fact she is a soul singer when the Rapper/gang banger Snoop Dogg decides that he is a Rasta all he has to do is put it on the internet make two reggae records put them on YouTube and the transformation is complete he didn’t even have to make a lifestyle change apart from wearing an adiddas track suit with red, gold and green stripes it’s that simply however the real Rasta’s couldn’t be fooled and eventually Snoop was outed and returned to being a Rapper not before his disrespectful interpretation of reggae amassed several million views and the acclaim of those that just don’t have a clue. If you are a Snoop dogg fan you might not be a fan of reggae but because your a Snoop fan you will listen to Snoops bullshit and believe that that’s how reggae is suppose to sound and so when you do hear real reggae like Jhon Holt or Dennis Brown you not gonna appreciate it. This is what Chris Blackwell did with Bob Marley a lot of Bob Marley music is very much reggae pop and rock n Roll with lyrics plagiarised from the Bible. Marley was a Jamaican soul singer Jamaica never crowned Marley King Of Reggae white people in foreign did, most of whom never heard real reggae like Jacob Miller or Dennis Brown and over the decades these people keep taking our culture and we just sit back and do nothing..

If you go to UK Google and type the word “soundclash” the above is what you get soundclash fest it’s an annual festival they keep in UK however it has NOTHING at all to do with sound system culture NOTHING to do with reggae music and  NO CONNECTION to Jamaica this dominates regardless of 5 decades of reggae sound system regardless of 4 decades of Saxon regardless of 4 decades of Rodigan regardless of 10 years of Playmaker sound. When you go to UK Google “soundclash” is and white EDM festival not our heritage.


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warrior dedicated to the cause of fighting the takeover of our culture.


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