Restaurant Owner In Chesterfield, Va Judy Talley Maxie Faces Backlash Because Of Racist Ran

California USA: The latest example of this type of behavior comes from a restaurant-and-bar owner in Chesterfield, Va., by the name of Judy Talley Maxie.

According to WWBT-TV, Maxie is the owner of Caddy’s restaurant, and she has a history of making controversial posts on social media. On Monday she made one directed at California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, accusing her of being racist, making disparaging comments about her lips and directing her to “go back to Africa.”

Maxie made her post presumably in response to Waters’ call for people to continue to confront Trump-administration officials and Cabinet members over the administration’s policy of separating children and parents at the border.

In the since-deleted post, Maxie wrote, “Maxine Waters shut your [sic] big fat lips, no one wants to hear your rasium [sic] remarks..Go back to Africa where youre [sic] from.”

Maxie reportedly faced immediate criticism for her ignorant and misspelled post—so much so that she deleted her personal Facebook account and disabled her restaurant’s page.

Too bad screenshots live forever. This infamy will follow Maxie for a long time now. I guess she got that attention she was looking for in the first place.

Let it be said that making posts like this is never advisable. People will find out your job, your company and everything else about you in order to publicly flog you for making statements like this.

And to be fair, you should be shamed for things like this, especially when you are ignorant, misguided and dead wrong.

Calling for members of the Trump administration to be confronted is not racist. It is not inciting violence. It is simply a call to action for people to use their constitutional First Amendment right to speak out against what is wrong.

See, there are two ways to use your First Amendment right. You can speak out against injustice, call out racism when you see it and hold our government accountable when it is wrong.

Or you can be like Judy Talley Maxie and make ignorantly racist Facebook posts that you will eventually have to hide from because you never intended for anyone to know you were a racist punk in the first place.

What do you think?

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