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The importance of soundclash cloud in 2016 is as important as it was for someone independent to capture tyhe speeches of Marcus and Malcolm in order for us who were not around then to hear now. In time it will be as important as the words that have been manipulated 1000 times in these so called holy books. We have to tell our story if we don’t somebody else will tell it for us.
In 2016 we are the entertainment nothing else amuse’s, entertains or generates money like we do. We are the NBA we are the NFL we are English Premiere League We are Boxing We are Hip Hop we are RnB however we don’t own any of these industries, people from outside our culture do and these same people are slowly but surely trying to control reggae from Bob Marley who they crowned the King of reggae to this most recent attempt to change the name to tropical house.



They used to fight reggae because of the message that the music carried rasta would sing about love for Jah, revolution and going forward to Zion Dj’s would Dj about fucking gal and killing homosexuals and police informers somewhere along the line in the late 90s they changed reggae to dancehall/reggae and brought in European clothing like Moschino and Versace man and woman stopped dancing together what was once female dominated became male dominated it was no longer the Dj’s who were talking about the wrongs of homosexuality it was now the Rastas. Majority of people in this world associate rasta with peace and love. Bob Marley being the poster boy for that image.

They brought in the European ideaology mixed with the American swag all of a sudden reggae music full of metrosexuals these guys with their tight pants bleaching their skin degrading their own women next thing the beat of the music change what we recognise as Hip Hop is now being classed as dancehall/reggae the man dem stop dance and start dagger.

As the music got more American and less Jamaican the vultures started to settle man like Snoop Dog declaring to the world he was now reincarnated as a rasta making a reggae album, white and Chinese people swooped down and feasted on the bones of sound system culture and we just sat back and watched. In the 21st century they have attacked and infiltrated every aspect of our culture using us to build them E.g Chin used Bass Odessy, Pink Pantha, Jaro and many more negros to build and validate Mighty Crown, Japanese people from Japan the highest grossing sound system in history Snoop and his label used Bunny Wailer to validate Snoop just recently Red Bull used Stone Love and Matterhorn to validate Culture Clash. So when you google reggae you get Snoop dog instead of Jhon Holt or Gregory Issaacs when you google soundclash you don’t get no hits for anything to do with reggae but a lot of EDM related events


in 2015 Billboard awarded Joss Stone a white British “soul” singer from UK best reggae album of the year this album was validated by Damian Marley the most rasta looking rasta acting none rasta in music I have not listened to Joss  album I have no intention to either however I know for a fact it was not the best reggae album of 2015

VRA a reggae streaming service owned by a serving Florida police officer from Panama when did we allow police into our culture when was it ok for American police to make money of reggae music the same time Snoop could eat off of reggae and Eddy Murphy the comedian could eat of of reggae while the pioneers suffer if Snoop has 10 million views on YouTube for his fake reggae that’s 10 million views that didn’t go to a legit reggae artist.


In 2016 the price of reggae has gone up while the money we get as selectors and artists has gone down many sounds put on their own events in an attempt to promote themselves in a sea of sounds most clash sounds will see back the money they invested in music. The biggest winner in sound system in 2016 is Soundcloud over the past few years Soundcloud is the go to place for audios of sound system reggae events however sound cloud only give you two hours free then after that you have to pay for the space. So years after the dance done money spent money made or money loss Soundcloud still a eat off of our dances off our culture while we as the sound owners and selectors don’t see a dime. In the near future Soundcloud and sites like it will be charging people to access streams of content we uploaded but owned by them just like when megaupload was closed by the FBI and we lost 1000s of hours of music we keep trusting others with our history. Soundclash cloud doesn’t rely on others to store its content and we will never charge for access al we ask you keep supporting us and remember this is for us by us..

What do you think?

Written by The Editor

warrior dedicated to the cause of fighting the takeover of our culture.


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