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Oklahoma man says he killed Black woman to ‘teach her a lesson’

An Enid, Oklahoma man is in custody for being connected to the murder of a Black woman, 27-year-old Martika Ferguson.

Shane Dale Perosi was arrested on Tuesday for first-degree murder, destruction of evidence, and possession of a firearm after a former felony conviction. He was taken to Garfield County Detention Facility, per Enid News.

During an interview, Perosi confessed to killing Ferguson and said he had done so to ‘teach her a lesson.’ He also told police per reports that he was happy he committed the crime.

Capt. Scott Miller of the Enid Police Department applauded his team for their hard work and said detectives worked 280 hours to investigate the case. He adds it does not include the hours the crime scene technician and patrol officers worked.

“They did a very good job, were very persistent, and conducted a non-stop investigation,” said Miller. “They brought closure to the victim’s family and have made our community safer with the arrest of their suspect.”

Ferguson was found shot and lifeless in an alleyway on the 700 block of West Nagel. On Tuesday around 2 p.m., officers and SWAT served a no-knock warrant at 601 W. Rush and discovered evidence related to the murder.

The investigation is still ongoing, and it is unclear if the victim and suspect knew each other

The police department released an official statement to its Facebook page applauding police efforts and demanding justice for Ferguson.

“Great job Enid PD, now hopefully the Justice Department will take care of this evil!” said one user.

Another added, “So glad he was caught, the worst part of what happened was knowing he was running free when the poor girl he murdered is no longer with us. It’s not right at all, I’m so sick of these senseless murders!”


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