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Natural Affair Sound Get Black Woman Fired From Her Job For Heckling Them At UK Live Sound System Event.(VIDEO)

Natural Affair

Since Donald Trump took office the world has gone crazy from Brexit to the rise in white nationalism white pride and white privledge.

A black woman from the UK recently took to Facebook Live to air her grievances about a UK Sound system and their actions to try to get her fired from her government job due to a minor altercation at a UK sound system event. (video below) The irate black woman in the Facebook live video initially starts the video reviewing a UK sound system event that took place the night previous however she then 1 hour in starts to address an altercation she had with a UK sound system at another event she doesn’t call the name of the sound in the video but MCN can reveal that the sound she is talking about is UK based Natural Affair owned by Peter Joyce.
Peter Joyce Natural Affair Sound
Joyce the white owner of UK natural Affair sound is no stranger to controversy in 2003 he was involved in an internet Dubplate scam which ended him up in UK criminal court for fraud. In 2003 Joyce set up a fake website called on the pretense he could supply sound systems with dubplates from artists around the world and proceeded to collect in excess of $100,000 from unsuspecting members of the sound system community worldwide money that was destined for artists in Jamaica.
Buju Banton maybe would of never sell coke if people never scam his dubplate money
Artists such as recently released Buju Banton were unknowing victims to the scam as is revealed on a Forum titled Dubplate Ripoffs Online
Victims of Joyce speak out
People waiting in vain
This guy was smart and lucky unlike most
The black woman proceeds to get irate in the video as she explains that at a recent UK soundclash event she attended between natural Affair and Empire Natural Affair proceeded to play a custom tune by the artist Merciless against Marvin from Empire sound which contained her name stating he bowed for an admin in a facebook group owned by her.
mek waxxy box you with her dutty panty
During the video of the event, the person filming can be heard to say how the black woman was fuming at her name being called which is understandable as she is not a member of Empire or involved in the clash and this was seen by her at the time by Natural Affair to be a cheap shot. In a show of humilty the woman waits until after the dance is over to confront the white owner of Natural Affair Joyce as can be seen in the heated video caught after the event.
Video After Event
In the 1 minute video posted online after the event even though you can not hear clearly what is being said you can hear the woman protesting vigorously at what she feels is a clear violation.
Don’t ! put my bloodclawt name in any tunes
In the Facebook live video the black woman then reveals that after the altercation in the above video someone from Natural Affair sound contacted her place of work and made an allegation as it relates to her conduct as a employee of the UK Goverment. The woman continues that she had to go to her union to resolve the matter after being in the employ of the UK government for 21 years since the age of 27. We dont know if it was Joyce or another member of his sound that made the complaint we do know it was Joyce who is clearly seen in the video being spoken to and we do know it was Joyce that played the song, bought the song and had the black woman’s name included in the song knowing she was not part of the event or promotion. Joyce or any other person in sound system culture has no right to curse the black women in reggae music but especially Joyce as he is white and then to take offence at being confronted in our opinion this is a prime example of white privilege /racism seeping into sound system culture.
Facebook Video
This mirrors the case of Real Scarface Playmaker sound owner who has been hounded by the UK police for five years because of repeated false allegations made by his alleged racist former employee Maria Carr owner of VRA. The actions are not the same but the level of unexplainable hate is the same, white people trying to ruin black peoples lives for little or nothing, just because they are angry.

What do you think?

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