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Mike Tyson brutally honest about Trevor Berbick

Not much boxing going on at the moment other than tomorrow’s David Morrell fight and Garcia vs Campbell on Janurary 2nd.

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One interesting anecdote that has stood out over the Christmas period was an interesting interview former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson had with former champion Zab Judah.

Speaking to Dj Vlad Tyson spoke to Judah about one wild story he had on his true motivation behind fighting Trevor Berbick:

“100 per cent (it was revenge for Muhammad Ali). Yes. No Doubt it. I was going to kill him. He was hitting Ali really hard with everything he had. Ali didn’t have nothing left. He was trying to kill him. I said, oh, I can’t wait until I get him.”

No mincing of words there from Tyson.

In case you didn’t see the fight check it out the full Mike Tyson vs Trevor Berbick full fight video here:

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