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The Magic Kingdom of Soundclash

I remember growing up in the early 80s listening to Stone Love, Jah Creation, KillamanJaro, Saxon  I remember listening to Papa San Dj ” No Batty Mon No Sodomite ” I remember the crowd screaming the whistles and the pye pye!! in the background. I remember the magic and anticipation of seeing the cassette man and him selling me the latest dance from Jamaica I also remember the excitement of playing that cassette and the world it opened up for 90 minutes. I remember the physical feeling of joy from hearing an artists new song. I remember there was never any sadness about not hearing the entirety of a dance or argument about the outcome of dance no one ever complained about the constant hiss of white noise we just adjusted our settings whether that be the eq or the dolby nr button. I dont ever remember asking a man for a copy of a cassette and him saying no member that was testament to my trust worthiness apposed to a sign of the times.

Wheres the magic gone ? would not be relevant or necessary if it only contained 21st century sound clash’s the majority of users to the site listen old audio. Will the magic ever return there has been several attempts over the past few years where various promotors have tried to keep dances what hark back to a time when  sound clash culture was sound system culture but sadly for various reasons they failed. There will be no more truly classic sound clash events even if Trooper went back to Jaro, Panta went back to Black Kat, Baby face went back to Addies and they all met up on a lovely summers evening in Antigua. The magic of sound clash was like the magic of Sant Claus maybe it ended because we all just grew up….

What do you think?

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