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Luv Injection sound: Winston Mexican win’s appeal in UK High Court

The Luv Injection sound system saga continues…

Winston Thomas also known as Winston Mexican has won an appeal in the UK High Court on Thursday, May 20th against a lower courts ruling in relation to Luv Injection sound. The court has overturned a lower court decision that Ian Thomas also known as King Zukie owned the Trademark Luv Injection sometimes spelled Love Injection and that  Winston Mexican was in breach of the law when he continued to use the name Luv Injection

The ruling means that for the time being both parties Winston and his brother Zukie can both continue to use the name Luv Injection they are scheduled to go back into court in November.

The final words to the two parties from the Judge.

I would urge the parties, in the light of that evidence, to attempt a mediated solution to the dispute without further costly legal proceedings.

Civil court proceedings are like a game of poker who got the money can raise the stakes whats on the line right now is reportedly 5000 dubplates from numerous artists from Dennis Brown to Chronixx and future revenue depending on who plays the sound whether it be Billy, Zukie and Tin Tin or Tyrone, Squidly and Nyamafood.

No matter what we cannot deny the major differences between the talent of Zukie, Billy, Tin Tin Luv Injection and Tyrone,Squidly,Nyamafood Love Injection and even though Winston is a master of promotion Squidly and Nyamafood with their limited talent can only take the sound so far regardless of the calibre of songs in the box Tyrone, Nyamafood, Squidly Love Injection would struggle in a sound clash against the majority of active UK sounds.

I hope for the good of the business the two brothers can sort out their differences maybe they should just clash for the name ?

What do you think?

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