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Little Wicked Gets Mad at 4×4 Exodus New White Selector (video)

This business called sound system get boring because the true inventors and pioneers are very rarely heard over the noise of the wannabees and fakers this week veteran and pioneer Little Wicked formerly of 4×4 Exodus took to Facebook to air his grievance with new 4×4 Exodus selector white English born Jamaican English who while on Facebook live this week seemed to take shots at Little Wicked and other past members of 4×4. Little Wicked took offense to this even though his name was not called directly due the fact 5 minutes earlier Little Wicked sent Jamaican English a message explaining that the dubs he was playing were cut by him. In the 3 minute video put out by Little Wicked, he can be heard dissing Jamaican English. Soundclash cloud contacted Fadda Dus owner of 4×4 for a comment Dus spoke openly and with some passion about the situation claiming that it is not Wicked his selector is talking about:

“mek mi tell u somethin wicked get him opportunity i agree with him the man a talk  the  truth. The whole a dem fight me, the whole a dem me spend millions on and them ungrateful the man never call me grow wicked from 15 carry him all over the world. And now them see a white man more loyal to me than them, tell Wicked him a pussy him never call wicked name him a talk the pussy a UK who diss me a way. Last week the man big up Wicked anno Wicked him a talk.”

Wicked did agree yes Jamaican English did big him up last week after Wicked messaged him and made it known that he was Little Wicked the person whose name are called in the dubs he was playing but at no time did he send any message or cause any action deserving of such disrespect. We will all agree that 4×4 and Little Wicked are deserving of the utmost respect for what they have done for reggae music, Jamaican sound system culture and negro people.

What do you think?

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