The King Is Dead

The importance of soundclash cloud was highlighted this week with the removal of Mikey Glamour’s soundcloud by soundcloud for copyright issues unless Mr Glamour has the 10,000 recordings backed up that’s a lot of audios gone forever below is a statement from Mr Glamour as it relates to Soundcloud


Mr Glamours actions are just carelessness and a lack of regard for the position he choose to put himself in over the years as the chief curator of reggae mp3’s. Mick has lost audio previously when Mega upload was taken down by the FBI and he still goes and makes the same error and again entrusts his audios with a third party does not rely on no third parties and has its own servers  we suggested to Mick that he should invest in his own server rather than make the same mistake as previous let’s see if he takes heed because we here at soundclashcloud are more than aware of the time and effort it takes to upload sound audio personally we hope Mr Glamour gets back his place in the internet cassette game until then soundclashcloud will be representing.

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