Katy Perry Shoes In Racism Storm As Pair Are ‘Pulled From Sale’ After ‘Blackface’ Backlash

nigger shoes

Katy Perry shoes in racism storm as pair are ‘pulled from sale’ after ‘blackface’ backlash

A pair of shoes that are part of Katy Perry’s fashion line are reportedly being pulled from sale amid accusations their design looked like “blackface.”

The ‘Rue Face Slip On Loafers’ and ‘Ora Face Block Heel Sandal’ from Katy Perry Collections have two eyes, a gold nose, and red lips.

The slip on shoes come in black or beige while the sandals are available in either black or gold. 

Sources told website TMZ that a “team is in the process of pulling the shoes” from sale amid ongoing criticism of the design.

One person wrote online: “If you have to second guess whether a design is blackface/racist…it probably is.”

The shoes were “never intended to be offensive” but are being pulled “in order to be respectful and sensitive,” a source added.

They were being sold by Walmart and Dillard’s, but they are no longer on sale online.

Ms Perry was first criticised for their design in August when she posted a lookbook image for the collection on her Instagram.

People labelled the shoes “racist” and “nigger shoes” and said she should “think twice about the shoes you put up for sale.”

However, many fans defended the singer, and said they were a “Mr and Mrs Potato Head ripoff.”

Another added: “The only thing wrong with these shoes is that they’re hideous.”

The row comes just days after Gucci were forced to apologise for a black balaclava jumper which “resembled blackface.”

They removed the jumper from sale after the jumper, which featured a red cut-out around the mouth, was criticized by fans.

This is not the first time Perry has been involved in racism in 2017 Perry caught all kinds of heat for her tone-deaf “joke” comparing her hair not being black anymore to Barack Obama no longer being in office. Shouts to the internet for going in on her, but it looks like that bullshit was the tip of the iceberg.

Chicago’s Mano, who you may remember as being one of the producers on the Weeknd’s “The Hills” and being Kanye West’s former DJ, has been expounding on a story he started telling about Katy Perry back in 2013, where she called him and his squad “nigga”… while they were up in the club in Paris.

I wish y’all coulda been there when @katyPerry referred 2 me as a “nigga”ironically in Paris. y’all know she says it regularly right -__-— 20/3 CrashOvrrd MANO (@CallMeMano) June 13, 2013

He also mentioned it again in 2015.

@katyperry is comfortable with calling me her #nigga. oddly i wasn’t.— 20/3 CrashOvrrd MANO (@CallMeMano) February 1, 2015

With the latest in Katy Perry fuckery hitting the newswire, Mano decided to tweet a pic with her.

@katyperry but I’m lying…….?— 20/3 CrashOvrrd MANO (@CallMeMano) May 1, 2017

Mano then took the time out to provide some more details on the situation, saying he was in the spot with the squad (which appears to have included Plain Pat and Virgil Abloh) and Katy Perry, who was dancing on his friend HXLT at a club “the day 4 ye fashion show.”

y’all really are fuckin delusional. i was in paris in a club with hxlt, ibn, plan pat and virgil was dj’n. katey was dance’n on my cuz hxlt— 20/3 CrashOvrrd MANO (@CallMeMano) April 30, 2017

this was the day b4 ye fashion show. while she was juke’n my cuz she started calling us her “niggas” and we asked her 2 stop a few times— 20/3 CrashOvrrd MANO (@CallMeMano) April 30, 2017

As Mano’s story goes, Katy had no problem calling them “her niggas,” and she didn’t understand why this was offensive after being told to stop “a few times.”

What do you think?

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