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‘Karen’ BET trailer shows Taryn Manning as a terrifying racist neighbor

Karen is getting her own movie.

A trailer dropped over the weekend for the upcoming horror film, “Karen,” starring Taryn Manning, 42.

Manning, known for her breakout role in “Orange Is the New Black,” will be playing the titular role in the BET film production. Cory Hardrict (“American Sniper”) and Jasmine Burke (“Saints & Sinners”) will star alongside Manning, with Coke Daniels (“His, Hers & the Truth”) directing.

Cory Hardrict and Jasmine Burke

The trailer for Coke Daniels’ Karen dropped on June 17, and the film premise follows the basic concept of dealing with a “Karen” with a horror spin. Orange Is the New Black‘s Taryn Manning stars as the eponymous neighbor from hell who makes it her mission to wreak violent havoc on the lives of her new Black neighbors. Cory Hardrict and Jasmine Burke portray community activist Malik and his wife, Imani, who have just moved to the Atlanta suburb. 


The couple is initially wary of their seemingly harmless neighbor — even joking about the fact that they have a “white, entitled neighbor named Karen — before things get dangerous very quickly. Not only does Karen have a layered Supercuts bob, but she also has an in with the local police. Things get nasty quickly.  

That’s when Karen really lives up to her name.


While in a restaurant, Manning’s character proceeds to pull a typical “Karen” move and demands a black patron obey her wishes, or she will — in typical “Karen” fashion — call the manager.

The rest of the trailer depicts how Karen progressively gets worse with her microaggressions against her new neighbors and the horror that comes with each escalating event.

Karen’s entitlement is portrayed through the fictional lens, but it’s clear the events are derived from real-life events as the trailer shows Karen calling the cops on a group of young black men. 

Taryn Manning expressed she felt she had a “social responsibility” and duty to play this villain. 

“Even though I’m playing the opposing side, if I have to sort of play the villain and do all that to help make change, I was more than willing to step into the role. If you don’t like me in the role, perfect, I did my job just great. But the main point is that what’s been going on is just devastating, and it’s time for a change. And for me to be a part of that bigger picture meant a lot to me,” Manning explained during a TMZ


The trailer first dropped on Friday but became a trending topic on Twitter by Monday. Not only is “Karen” trending, but so is “Get Out” and its creator Jordan Peele as fans attribute the director’s critically-acclaimed 2017 film as a source of creative inspiration for “Karen.”


As the trailer shows, Manning’s Karen kicks off common microaggressions against her neighbors that quickly become macro as they refuse to be scared from their new home. She installs invasive security equipment, reprimands them about their trash bins, makes references to slavery, calls the police on teenagers while pretending to be frightened and eventually gets some crooked cops to terrorize the family. “Bad things happen to people that don’t comply,” she says in the trailer’s final moments.

The teaser has sparked comparisons to Jordan Peele’s Get Out and reignited the conversation on how Black trauma continues to be a source of inspiration for media

Although white viewers are mocking the new film for its absurdity, some Twitter users are debating whether this is a satirical film or a horror film with efforts to genuinely comment on the social justice movement and the rise of “Karens.” 

What do you think?

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