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Just when you thought you had seen it all in soundclash [video]

Throughout the decades we have witnessed many strange and unusual things come out of Jamaican sound system/dancehall culture from the patrons and the entertainers from as far back as the1950’s the gimmick have been a big part of sound system culture from Duke Reid and his gun’s to the ultimate entertainer Mr. Wacky the late Mr. Bogel and his chicken there are very few things we have not seen in Soundsystem culture until now. 

Last night on Youtube and other social media channels Guisness Jamaica aired its Guinness Sounds Of Greatness series online clash episode 4 aired featuring Nu Grain and Black Blunt from Jamaica.

Nu Grain is a new sound I know nothing about however Black Blunt is well known in the sound world after the charismatic Avatar made a big impression on the Irish and Chin World Clash stage in Mobay in Jamaica in 2012 later on that year Black blunt and Avatar would part ways. 

Black Blunt went on to win the Guinness Event on three separate occasions so they are no strangers to what is required to win the event even though on those previous occasions the event took place in front of a live crowd and not online.

We in our culture are not any strangers to online clash, after being locked down for the past year and a half we have been flooded with online clash from Facebook to Youtube and they all follow the same familiar format Guisness clash however because Guinness is not live-streamed there is no audience voting at home, the voting is judged by judges. 

Clashing online and clashing in front of judges in a studio could be a daunting proposition to some however I don’t know what was going through the minds of Black Blunt management or Mic man last night.

I have seen deaths in soundsystem I have seen people catching their genitals on fire, fights but I have never seen anything like this before.

At the beginning of Black Blunt’s first-round it starts perfectly normal and then even for Jamaican soundclash standards it takes a turn for the peculiar with a black plastic suited man covered from head to toe in what could be mistaken for a gimp suit starts to become very animated to the sounds of Euro house in a quite remarkable display that went on for a few minutes at the end of the round the judges’ controversial selector and sound owner Ricky Trooper, Bass Odessey Owner Keith and dancehall veteran Admiral Bailey seemed quite impressed with Black Blunts creativity and awarded them the round and who are we to argue with some of the greatest figures in our culture so there you have it Gimp suit is the new Power Ranges suit as sported by Lil Shabba in 2019 Boom Clash.

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