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Jamaican Lottery Scam Vs The Jamaican Dub Scam

If you are reading this as the intended recipient I.E. sound man/woman, reggae lover, negro chances are that you don’t know anyone out of the 1000’s that the American government alleges were scammed by Jamaicans however if you are involved in the sound system culture you will most likely know at least one person that has been scammed by the Jamaican Dub Scammers. The Jamaican lottery scam affected greedy people outside of Jamaica with no links to Jamaica who have never been to Jamaica, most are white people who have clearly never spoken to a negro because if they did they would have known from the first phone call that something was wrong, these so-called victims or opportunists for use of a better word seized on a chance to make free money the exact thing the scammers were doing except the scammers operated from a place of desperation, the main thing the scammers and the scammed had in common are they both saw an opportunity to exploit. The issue that the Jamaican and American government claim to have with the scammers is the rise of crime that the influx of millions of dollars of US money brought into Jamaica especially and noticeably in Montego Bay, however, Jamaica’s crime rate has been consistently high for decades so if the USA government had concerns about crime in Jamaica  they could have sent the FBI in decades ago to eleviate the problem. The truth is that America does not care if negro’s in Jamaican are killing each other with guns made in America purchased in American and smuggled from America to Jamaica the problem that the US has is the fact that the guns are being paid for by money scammed off of American citizens when the guns were being paid for with money from Colombian coke or Jamaican politicians where was the USA then with their FBI intervention…

The Jamaican dubplate scammers steal and rob money off of all color of people, unlike the lottery scammers the dub scammers do not discriminate whether your rich or poor, whether you are Jamaican, Japanese or white British the Jamaican dub scammers, will target you. When you listen to the millions of USD that supposedly was scammed in the past few years by the lottery scammers from American citizens it makes me wonder how much has been scammed by the dub scammers over the past 4 decades worldwide the damage to Jamaica from the lottery scam is evident because of the mainstream media making it a priority to show every killing and arrest linked to the lottery scam as well as endless shows from the American networks reporting the effects of the scam on American citizens. Montego Bay has been pinpointed as the center of the lottery scam in Jamaica due to the unprecedented rise in murders in what was once Jamaica’s prime tourist destination with it slowly spreading out to other parishes. Dubplate scamming operates from every parish in Jamaica and from most countries throughout the world. There have probably been numerous murders in Jamaica between Jamaicans over the theft of dub money that have not been recorded as disputes over dub money. 99.9% percent of the sounds that have been scammed never report the scammers to any authority they just take the hit. Reporting Dub scammers to the Jamaican authorities is pointless. The people involved in the scamming of dubs are not gangsters or bad men or killers whether that be the scammers themselves or the victims so there are very few incidences of retribution or revenge so the plight of the sound men who have been scammed will not make the news.  Jamaican scammers in general whether that be lotto or dubs are as a rule dumb as fuck that’s why you see so many Jamaicans getting arrested for the lottery scam. A large portion of the dub plate scammers are people with legit links to artists however due to bad business practices of lack of morality they find themselves in position of scammer.The lotto scam is an offshoot of the dub scam instead of contacting sound men in foreign asking if they want dubs they now contact the greedy in America asking if they want free money. from the Reggae music is Jamaica’s only real export so why don’t the government of Jamaica tackle the problem. Dub scamming is a bigger long-term threat to Jamaica than lottery scamming. The authorities are only taking action on the lottery scamming because the majority of the victims were white and Americans.Dutty CNN reports that the scam costs Americans annually $300 million USD, Jamaica’s economy has not registered any significant annual boost poor people in Jamaica are not any less poor however go to the inner cities and ask if the decline in dub money is having an affect.

Scammer Peter Joyce & Jah Cure

Jamaican lottery scam is operated by negro people out of Jamaica and controlled by Jamaicans so at least the money from the lottery scam went back into Jamaica even if it was mansions and jewellery and cars negro people still benefited, The Jamaican dub scam is operating all over the world by all different kinds of people and most of that money never reaches Jamaica two of the biggest dub scammers to be caught and identified are from outside of Jamaica and outside of negro culture. Coolie Rodwan Khalifa Guyanese owner of the Brooklyn USA based Tek 9 sound was embroiled in a scandal where it was alleged he resold Silver Fox UK dubs to Silver Fox USA two separate sounds with the same name this money estimated to be up to £25000 never went to reggae or negro’s or Jamaica, in 2003  the white UK owner of Natural Affair sound Peter Joyce found himself in UK court for dub scamming probably one of the first cases of a dub scammer actually going to court after he set up the now defunct website offering dub plates to people around the world, however, when after 100s of people failed to get their dubs they had paid for the UK authorities were alerted and Peter was subsequently charged with theft of dub money and impersonating a negro he allegedly made £55000 off the scam. The video above states that those arrested were not the actual scammers but people that helped to facilitate the scamming if that be the case then people who facilitate the dub scammers also should be held to task like the promotors who book them Irish and Chin  book Natural Affair to play on their events with the knowledge that they are openly involved in dub scamming and built the sound with stolen money also Andrew Digital who booked Tek 9 for Global Clash even after it came out the owner was a scammer aren’t these promoters by actively promoting scammers who use scamming as a means to buy dubs for their own sounds facilitating the scam.

Supercat & Ninjaman

The greatest thing about sending money to Jamaica whether it be to a legitimate source or fraudulent one is that at least your money is going to negro people in Jamaica if an artist cuts a dub in Jamaica you know that a percentage of that money is gonna stay in Jamaica negro people are gonna benefit from the studio to the link to the bun an cheese seller to the likke picney who need to go school many people depend  on dubs in Jamaica to survive however the irony is that the artists who charge the most are the ones that do the least for Jamaica and Jamaicans those artists who while living in USA since success charge people $1000usd for a dub/special while residing in US that money with eventually go to uncle sam, those that allegedly are pushing’ kilos’s of cocaine with a high-profit margin while selling poor people dubs for excessive figures if your pushing bricks you don’t need dub money and if your earning off of dub you don’t need bricks money and lets not forget  Rastafarian Jah Cure who when it was announced he was nominated for a grammy decided that he was going to double his price dub price to $1000usd  in comparison to artists like Ninja man Desmond Ballentine, Bounty Killer Rodney Price aka the poor people’s gunner, and head Rastafarian Sizzle Kalonji Miguel Collins three of the most effective and biggest artists in sound system culture all never charged excessively for dubs and all are pillars of Jamaican society living in Jamaica and trying to uplift Jamaican people daily.

Dan Rather 60 minutes: Just Hang Up

Big woman ting’ when we watched 60 minutes report on the scammers “Just  Hang Up” and they showed some of the alleged victims we have to question their wisdom and its the same of those involved in this business, €4000 euro for Super Cat in 2014 by Warrior sound from Germany. Super Cat himself must be shocked at the price he could scam warrior for three minutes work. If Warrior failed to record a video with their dub a large portion of people would have said that it’s fake even though they can clearly hear it’s the artist they will still swear with no evidence that it was fake so when you have a set of people who cannot tell real tunes from fake and fake from real  the dubplate scammers are gonna thrive. Reggae legend Jimmy Cliff made a video for Mighty Crown from Japan claiming he never recorded dub for any other sound but theirs and Silverhawk casting negative aspersions on some of the biggest sounds in reggae music who for years prior had claimed to have Jimmy Cliff on dub/special. There are many many sounds out there some knowing others unknowingly that have been victim to the dubplate scammers.

The majority of people in sound system culture cannot afford to lose money at the hands of dub scammers whether it be VRA bad quality dubplate clash streams or some guy in Jamaica with multiple Facebook accounts. I am sure that those people who lost at the hands of the lottery scammers will say they can’t afford to lose either however we don’t buy dubs/specials out of greed we buy dubs out of love for the music when you work hard  and send money to Jamaica for dubs, money that could always be used for something else and in return they scam you whether it be fake tune, bad quality tune or no tune at all that destroys a little of the love we had for the business many many people have left this business because of scammers .1000’s of people all over the world that supported Jamaica have withdrawn their support because of the actions of few and it is a few but their actions are damaging long past the few USD they manage to scam. Jamaica lottery scams have been going now since the late 1990’s on a small scale but rose to prominence in 2013  been put to rest by the FBI in now in 2017. The Jamaican dub scam has been operating worldwide since the 80s and without intervention from the Jamaican government will continue until it kills off the business. The USA authorities state it has 3000 to 5000 more suspected lottery scammers to extradite with a 100 percent conviction rate that’s 2000 to 3000 negro’s that are gonna be extradited to America to serve centuries in Jails lets see how lets see how much this benefits Jamaica.



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