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Jamaican artistes respond to PM: ‘We are pointing fingers right back at you’

Gully Gad Mavado said he is pointing fingers right back at Prime Minister Andrew Holness, aka Bro Gad.

During his session in Parliament on Tuesday, the prime minister addressed the vexing topic of the perceived link between dancehall music and the high levels of crime and violence in Jamaica.

“In our music and our culture, in as much as you are free to reflect what is happening in the society, you also have a duty to place it in context. Dat yuh tek up the AK-47 and tun it inna a man head … That is not right. And though you have the protection of the constitution to sing about it, you also have a duty to the children who are listening to you,” said Holness.

Quite aware that he was stirring up an ant’s nest, the prime minister added, “As I speak, tomorrow I’m expecting the headlines, ‘Leave this one alone, talk bout something else.'”

As expected, the artistes are making their voices heard on social media.

Mavado was quick on the uptake, “Why is this man blaming crime on music. Every prime minister that the [people] vote in when dem get them [expletive] seat to work dem fail and come point fingers. Well, we pointing right back at you,” he posted on Instagram.

The Gully Gad also had some questions, “What about all the grants dat you and your parliamentarians get to take care of crime? Billions that has nothing to do with entertainment, no one voted for us to lead, that’s your job! What [you] need to do is clean up your corrupted Government and stop intimidate the people!”

In closing off his salvo, Mavado stated, “Tyad a you.”

By contrast, Devin di Dakta’s response was simply two words, “This again.”

Masicka seemed to have found the prime minister’s statement quite hilarious, and he responded with a slew of laughing emojis.

Additionally, he wrote, “Bro Gad, boy Jamaica sorry fi uno. Once gunman song stop the crime stop fi true. Educate uno self ghetto yutes get some money. Protect uno self and family. Educate dem too. Illiteracy a di reason we just follow everything. Never vote, never will.”

Veteran artist Mr Easy who had a big hit in the 90s with MURDER stated they need to pointt the finger at them teefing friend the history of Labourite in Jamaica is uptown people they never liked dancehall, I dont agree with what the youths agwaan with but at the end of the day its the goverment that allow the guns to come into the country. How come the government never take the same measures against crime like them did against Covid.

What do you think?

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