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Ishawna Gets BASHED for her Equal Rights Music Video

Controversial female dancehall artiste Ishawna, sent social media into a frenzy after releasing her raunchy music video for her hit single ‘equal rights’.The ‘headshot’ singer appeared nude in the sexually charged music video, along with her male counterpart who was seen several times head first between the diva’s legs.

Since the video was uploaded on several music pages including Ishawna’s, viewers have begun to voice their disgust for what they call a very immoral and boundary-pushing music video and expressed that the singer simply went too far this time around.

Somebody tag bounty ‼️he must get a stroke??

A wah do diss bloodclaat gal man she ago fuvk up eno a wah kinda fucking nastiness dat ????????????

Hey svck cock gyal, hold a dislike,???????, all the one bumbuclaat Kartel Fi get 35 years more to, no freak Inna wi country.

This is all because off alkaline singing about brata And batty wash!! AND EATING OUT out ASS. alkaline is the cost of all of this bulshit in 2017

Gone too far now my youth

Kmt ah Gaza fanz alone bring dis dirty nasty gyal … GET FK OUTTA DIS WID DAT SHIT ?????

A generation of ole johncrows…. ishawna yuh pvssy can’t hold no man fi long… learn fi hold man wid yuh pussy n not obeah bitch


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