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Irish & Chin Accused Of Selling Out Sound Clash Culture By Ricky Trooper

Ricky Trooper, Irish & Chin

Yet again the biggest promotors in sound clash culture find themselves surrounded by controversy Irish and Chin promotors of World clash have been accused by veteran sound system selector and owner Ricky Trooper of selling out sound clash. Trooper on a status on Facebook claims he is “feeling proud” then goes into one of his familiar Trooper rants.

Trooper who has been booked for World Clash Jamaica along with– Tony Matterhorn, Mighty Crown, and Pink Panther for Irish and Chin/Downsound World-Clash/Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica. Irish and Chin who will celebrate their 20th anniversary of World Clash competition are holding this commemorative event along with Sumfest on Thu. July 19 at Pier One Event Center in Montego Bay, Jamaica the night before Sumfest’s 2-day music festival.

Irish and Chin who abandoned Jamaica nearly a decade ago has teamed up with another controversial figure JOSEF Bogdanovich. Bogdanovich, Downsounds Records CEO, has been the new chairman of Summerfest Promotions since 2016. Reggae Sumfest — part sponsored by the Jamaica Tourist Board — is scheduled for Catherine Hall in Montego Bay, from July 17-23. Bogdanovich is no stranger to major live shows. In 2014, he partnered with Isaiah Laing, principal of Sting, to stream that one-night event to nearly 200 countries. He is also the majority shareholder in the Kingston Live Entertainment Group, which owns Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records in Kingston and Famous Nightclub in Portmore.

Irish and Chin

In his post Trooper complains that he has to edit his dubs at the bequest of the corporate sponsors claiming that he cant be bothered and he will only be playing one round and that the clash is “an idiot clash” he continues to ask “whey sponsors dem did deh when sound clash culture a build in Jamaica ?”

Irish and Chin over the years have stuck two fingers up to Jamaican Sound System Clash Culture and have set about on an agenda to promote their own brand of “sound system culture” by systematically spreading fake news about sounds on there sound chat radio show causing a deep divide in the sound clash community.

In 2011 Irish and Chin put down promoting Sound clash to promote open homosexual Jamaican actor Keith Shabada Ramsey worldwide who it is rumoured Chin is in a relationship with. In 2016 Irish & Chin along with Reggae Girlz promotions held the first clash in a GAY nightclub Streetlife Leicester and further on that year Irish and Chin along with Jill Barnes from Canada kept the first World clash with no Jamaican sounds.

If it wasn’t for the sponsors/sumfest Irish and Chin wouldn’t be keeping an event in Jamaica. Jamaica people long fell out of love with Chin and Irish after they dissed Bass Odyssey.





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