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Guinness Sounds of Greatness returns for 13th staging of sound clashes

Guinness Sounds of Greatness (GSOG) is set to make a comeback with the first clash of the competition scheduled for last friday May 28. Now in its 13th staging, the series will feature musical battles between some of Jamaica’s hottest sound systems as they compete to win $1 million and bragging rights.

Guinness Brand Manager Lyshon Davis says GSOG 2021 will be epic. “We are excited to once again bring together a world-class set of musical clashes to the dancehall scene. This year, all shows will be virtual with some truly special guest performances. It was important for us to find a way to bring GSOG to the people and create a safe space for dancehall to still thrive in this time. A virtual staging means we can follow the protocols and ensure the safety of everyone involved while still bringing high energy entertainment to the fans.”

Guinness is reuniting a group of classic and popular local sounds for supercharged musical clashes in the Guinness Sounds of Greatness (GSOG) competition.

This year’s staging of the premiere sound clash will be launched virtually with a pre-recorded undertaking on Tuesday, May 11, at Blueprint Studios.

Though this recording was streamed on May 21, the first sound clash (already recorded) goes live this Friday.

GSOG host Badda Bling spilt the beans on this year’s staging of the battle of the sound systems.

This includes the selection of the first round of duellers, Di Unit Sound and Fire Explosion Sound.

Other popular sounds such as Road Karma, High Grade International, Rich Squad, Naz Gurl Power, Nuh Grain Sound, and Black Blunt will also vie for the million-dollar cash prize, and, inevitable bragging rights.


The competitors will be judged by Ricky Trooper, Keith Walford, and Admiral Bailey, and the voting process will be done by the three judges, who make the final decision.

The judges will vote on stage presence, song selection and creativity.

See the schedule below:

Clash 1 – May 21 (Sound Systems 1&2) Di Unit Sound vs Fire Explosion

Air Date: May 28, 2021

Clash 2 – May 28 (Sound Systems 3&4) Highgrade International vs Naz Gurl Power

Air Date: June 4

Clash 3 – June 4 (Sound Systems 5&6), Road Karma vs Rich Squad

Air Date: June 11

Clash 4 – June 11 (Sound Systems 7&8), Black Blunt vs Nuh Grain Sound

Air Date: June 18

Clash 5 – June 18 (Semi-Final 1)

Air Date: June 25

Clash 6 – June 26 (Semi-Final 2)

Air Date: July 2

Clash 7 – July 2 (Grand Finals)

Air Date: July 9

Stay tuned to @guinnescarib and YouTube at Guinness Sounds of Greatness Jamaica.

Former GSOG winner and present judge, veteran selector, Ricky Trooper, says competing sounds should bring their A game. “As a past winner, I know what it takes to be crowned GSOG champion. All sounds need to come strong in all the segments. We will be looking out for creativity, skill, showmanship and, of course, musical knowledge. It’s gonna be a great competition, and I salute Guinness for always supporting the culture,” said Trooper. Other judges for the clash series will be Keith Walford, founder of the iconic Bass Odyssey, and dancehall veteran Admiral Bailey.

GSOG will be live-streamed on a number of platforms, including the Guinness Carib Instagram and Facebook pages @GuinnesssCarib, and on the Guinness Sounds of Greatness YouTube Page.

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