Germany Has A Massive Racism Problem, As The Past Few Days Have Shown

“Foreigners out”, it shines on lanterns, walls, signs.

400 times. In the whole Bremen district Vegesack. After all: In this case, the causer could be caught. A group of right-wing leaders had distributed the stickers on Saturday afternoon, attentive residents had reported the men to the police. 

How virulent the xenophobia is here in Germany, shows a daily look in German local newspapers. Not a day passes without a foreigner – or someone who is being held for it – being attacked, beaten and insulted.

This is shown by the numbers:

2017 …

► According to the police, more than 7,700 xenophobic and racist crimes took place in Germany, almost 1,000 of them by force. That’s almost three racist attacks a day.  

►  At least 950 attacks on Muslims and Islamic institutions such as mosques took place. Thirty-three people were injured.

► … According to the German government, there were 2,219 attacks on refugees and refugee shelters, with more than 300 injured.

In the case of racism and xenophobia, “the trend has recently risen steeply” , writes right-wing extremism expert Toralf Staud in an analysis for the Federal Agency for Civic Education

In addition to the number of refugees in the country, according to him, the number of criminal and violent acts.

The following week-long chronicle of hate shows how massive and broad the problem still is in Germany:  

Saturday, July 14 – Prenzlau, Brandenburg:

A 19-year-old Syrian was on the way in the afternoon on the walkway of the Uckerpromenade, when he was insulted by three native young men xenophobic.

One of the three is reported to have intervened on the Syrian police. When the 19-year-old then flee, he wanted to follow the unknown. He was held back by his buddies.

Criminals now investigate on suspicion of sedition. According to rbb, the Syrian had already been insulted and attacked by two Germans almost at the same place a few weeks earlier. One of the men even hit the refugee with a beer bottle against his head. The attacked man had fallen to the ground and had suffered a broken nose.

Sunday, July 15 – Halle, Saxony-Anhalt:

Two young Afghans were sitting at a tram stop on the edge of the city center when suddenly a driver stopped.

The man cursed the 17- and 18-year-olds xenophobic and beat them with an iron bar on them, as the “Central German newspaper” reports. The two Afghans were injured, they suffered hematomas. As fast as the man had appeared, he disappeared again with his car.

The reason for the attack is unclear, it should have acted in the perpetrator, according to police to an Eastern European. 

Monday, July 16 – Darmstadt, Hesse:

The police arrested two men after they had repeatedly called Nazi voices – including “Heil Hitler” – in the central Herrngarten and shown the Hitler salute. According to witnesses, the two 19- and 24-year-old men were alleged to have previously mobbed an unknown dark-skinned man.

Witnesses said that they did not leave the victim alone until one of the passers-by loudly pointed out the situation. The duo escaped to the park where they were arrested by the police.

As officials later noted, the 24-year-old was heavily intoxicated. In the younger, the police made small amounts of marijuana safely. The state security has taken over the investigation.

Tuesday, July 17 – Pankow, Berlin:

Two elderly women are in Berlin-Pankow, a woman with chador offended xenophobic have. The women would have berated the 49-year-old at noon in the parking lot of a discounter. The Muslim left then the place.

A chador is a large, mostly black cloth worn by Muslims in Iran as a cloak around their heads and bodies.

The 49-year-old has filed criminal charges according to police, the police state protection now determines.

Wednesday, July 18 – Kahla, Thuringia:

A 16-year-old teenager of Afghan origin was allegedly approached in front of the station building by three men and asked for a fire.

When he said no, one of the men approached him, grabbed him by the neck and pushed him to the ground. Subsequently, all three beat together on the teenager. This could finally free and flee.

The teenager suspects a racist background, a police spokesman said the “New Germany”. The officials themselves see so far no corresponding instructions. 

Fact is: According to the Thuringian intelligence agency and scene connoisseurs Kahla is an important right-wing meeting place. Only in April had seven frat boys attacked several underage refugees and persecuted them in their home, as the “Ostthüringer Zeitung” notes.   


It is only a small part of the everyday hate against strangers and all those who do not fit into the limited worldview of some Germans.

Not new is that strikingly many attacks are recorded in the new federal states. ” The prevention, but also the repression have failed”, Andreas Zick of HuffPost said a year ago. He is director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence at the University of Bielefeld.

According to the sociologist, studies have shown that part of the population between Rostock and Dresden has long been considered a second-class citizen. Likewise, extreme right-wing groups and parties could anchor themselves right after the fall, where local politics was barely active and media reported little about the problems – especially in the new federal states.

Many let their pent-up social frustration than out to the weaker – in most cases just migrants or refugees.

Unfortunately, the fact is also: Many insults and harmless running attacks are not even brought by the affected or displayed. Perhaps also because they fear not to be heard in the mood heated up by AfD, right-wing hustlers and even conservative hardliners. 

That too should make us think.

What do you think?

Written by The Editor

warrior dedicated to the cause of fighting the takeover of our culture.


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