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[WATCH] Drake put up additional $50K for URL rap battle winner

At a recent URL NOME XI rap battle  event, Drake made an appearance and was even slated to host the event, but instead announced that as a fan of battle rap, he would be adding an additional $50,000 to the existing $100K cash prize. 

Drake reached into his pockets and pulled out fifty racks, adding, “I know I said a hundred but… I had to sweeten the pot.” Reports stated that Rum Nitty and Geechi Gotti, the two rappers going head to head, split the $150K prize between themselves.


SMACK/URL (Ultimate Rap League) is considered one of the first media outlets to popularize the raw, acapella battle rap format that is standard in almost all battle rap leagues in the present era. They have many mottos such as “follow the innovators not the imitators” and “you can’t copy respect” followed by the familiar “smmmddlllaaack” ad lib which was invented by the host Smack White. SMACK is an acronym that stands for “streets, music, arts, culture, knowledge.”  


SMACK DVD started out as a monthly Hip-Hop DVD series in the early 2000’s documenting Hip-Hop lifestyle and beef. After a while, rap battles began to be featured at the end of every DVD, sparking the interest of many fans. It soon became the mainstay of the series and bought acapella battle rap to the masses. After some years the popular DVD met it’s demise and acapella battle rap was removed from mainstream entertainment and returned to the streets of the USA.

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