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Dj Khaled makes history with the first million dollor dubplate

On Friday, DJ Khaled dropped his collaboration-packed Khaled Khaled along with the album’s first visuals,  In a new music video released this weekend, the rapper released a verdant-green homage to the place “Where You Come From,” the “you” being the song’s featured artists Buju Banton, Capleton, and Bounty Killer, and the “where” being Jamaica. flowing abundantly through the voices of Bounty KillerBuju BantonCapleton, and a clever Barrington Levy sample for the track “Where You Come From.”

“Let’s be CLEAR!” DJ Khaled tweeted yesterday. “All these artists have NEVER collaborated on one record before. This is HISTORY. JAMAICA I LOVE YOU.” 

In sound system culture this would be called “four the hard way” and even though there have been many three the hard ways in our times played by many sounds the majority of them are not preconceived they are just chance meetings of Artists in Studios. Reggae music like the majority of genres will generally stick to two different artists on one track there has been some amazing duets like Bob and Marcia or Wayne Wonder and Buju that have been replicated through dubplate for sounds throughout the years the three and four on one song is a modern-day phenomenon in reggae following the American Hip Hop model.

The price of dubplate has long been a contentuous issue in sound clash culture with some artists’ prices more than doubling in ten years as contemporary sound systems and players of clash substitute music for talent at the cost of entertainment the price of dubs has risen driven online hype and youtube views.

Whether or not Khaled’s claims of this song being history because of these artists never collaborating is true one thing that is history is that this song is one of the most expensive dubs in sound system history along with Jimmy Cliff and Super Cat.

Buju Banton chargies on average in excess of $1000usd  for his dubs so how could Capleton, Bounty Killer charge their usual fair price without feeling like they were shortchanging themselves, selling themselves short as artists whose contribution to the song is arguable more impactful than Buju’s.

Why Buju Banton price so high

After Buju Banton’s arrest in America for drugs and his subsequent ten-year jail sentence his worldwide subnificantly profile raised.  Since his release  in 2019 Banton real name Mark Myre has made little real impact with his new music apart from in sound system culture with his first-week album sales for his first studio album in a decade entitled ‘Upside Down’, surprisingly low selling just 2,995 copies in its first week even though it debuted at number two on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart (which combines streaming and sales).8 Jul 2020. These figures are crazy considering the scenes at Jamaica’s national stadium when Buju was ushered in by a throng of enthusiastic, impatient fans into the prophetically titled show, A Long Walk to Freedom.

The concert saw more than 35,000 people from all over the globe packed Jamaicas National Stadium Banton, according to numbers provided by the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF), the crowd was in excess of 17,000 in Barbados 

If Buju’s high price is related to the grammy he received an issue that is pointed out by Shabba Ranks as a reason why he must charge more than all Jamaican-based artists we can kill that theory the first reggae Grammy went to Mykal Rose and he does not charge the exorbitant fees Myrie charges and he was the first. Maybe  Banton is making up for the money he lost while in prison the money he would have made selling coke if he never got caught.

Barrington Levy, is he to get money too?

With everybody’s parts clear and set in stone veteran artist Barrington Levy hasn’t be designated a true singing role instead his signature sound has been relegated to a sample from Levy’s 1985 release “Under Mi Sensi” providing the base for the other Jamaican stalwarts to bless the track. 

When cutting this song on dub you are going to have to pay Levy for his contribution no matter how small and you are going to have to pay him his real money relative to the rest of the artists, not his contribution. Paying Buju, Capleton, and Bounty Killer and using a Barrington Levy sample is tantamount to putting beluga caviar in a big mac its a waste.

I understand that many sounds will take the short cut to own this song just like what we found with Stephen Marley featuring Sizzla and Capleton “Rock Stone” with many sounds opting to just cut Sizzla and Capleton’s verses omitting Stephen Marley off his own track choosing to use the pre-recorded sample due to the high price and the very little Marley actually contributes and it works until you hear the version with Stephen Marley calling the sounds name. 

It would have been good to see the first time this dub plays in a dance if it was the 90s but in 2021 nobody really gives a fuck paying a million dollars JMD for this dub hasn’t even got the sound name into notoriety on social media as yet.

Eagle force sound pointed out that Fadda Dus the departed owner of 4X4 Exodus had many dubs from Capleton Bounty Killer and Buju Banton and where is he now 


Another user claims the first sound to cut the song on dub is from America how true that is we do not know but we do know the Americans lead right now in spending with the Europeans coming a close second with Kosmik out of New York holding the title of most cash money spent outright on dubs with what seems like an endless stream of money Kosmik have voiced virtually every big available artist from Phil Collins to Jimmy Cliff.

What do you think?

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