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Dancehall Died When Men And Women Stopped Dancing Together.

Yes, dancehall music died. What killed the beautiful child of reggae music? Dancehall died the same time that men and women dancing together in the dancehall died.

What became of reggae dancehall? Why did men and women stop dancing together? Was there some major disagreement between the men and women that cause them to be in malice on the dance floor? There was never any official press release about this disagreement but it had to have been what happened.

Ladies are you afraid that your makeup or your beautiful hairstyle will get messed up, so rather than going on the dance floor dancing with the men you stand on the side with your friends looking too good to be touched?

Men are you afraid of being rejected by a woman if you ask her for a dance? Don’t you know when one door is closed, another one will be opened? If one lady says no, just as another and another. It is better to keep asking different ladies until you get a yes than to dance with your boys as if you were in San Francisco or at an Elton John’s birthday party.

Please, in the name of reggae dancehall, let’s solve the problem, whatever it is, so men and women can get together on the dance floor again. Men and women dancing close together was one of the best things about dancehall music and only it can breathe some life back into the genre,

Let’s not forget the lyrics of the great Beres Hammond:

Hail John Holt, Alton Ellis, Delroy Wilson, Dennis Brown
Big Youth, Josey Wales, Daddy Roy would wake the town
And you had to hold your woman real close When Smokey starts to sing
Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Spinners all the way
Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle used to make me drift away
Play Stevie play, Sam Cooke any day
We dance all night to the songs they played
Weekend come again do it just the same

What do you think?

Written by The Editor

warrior dedicated to the cause of fighting the takeover of our culture.


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