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Squingy Rest In Bass

On the anniversary of the passing of the late great Squingy let’s take this time to reflect on his contribution to our culture and the unfilled void that his death left   More

Buju Banton Sides With LGBTQ Community

Buju Banton has denied that LGBT pressured him into banning his classic single “Boom Bye Bye.” Buju Banton continues to shun the reggae community while succumbing to will of the homosexual community. People around the world from Rasta to bawl head are still waiting for a explanation on how Buju found himself being recorded tasting […] More


How much time on cassette you hear people give thanks and praise to Jah Rastafari !! People who are not sporting dreadlocks or Rasta but still give thanks and praise you know why ? Cause there would be no reggae music without Rasta without the Dreadlocks man dem. Rasta is the foundation for this music […] More

The reason you will never own your dubs

The artist can sell you the dubs but 98% of your dubs you will never own dubplates are actually bootlegs unauthorized copies of original work owned by producers and record companies. In Jamaica at first, it wasn’t record labels or radio it was producers and sound system like the late Coxsone Dodd the late Duke […] More

Vybz Kartel Says Bounty Killer Is Responsible For DJ Khaled’s Success

Vybz Kartel believes Bounty Killer should be credited for DJ Khaled’s success. The “We The Best” CEO who started his disc jockey career in the early 90’s got a huge boost in the Caribbean due to his affiliation with Bounty Killer and his Alliance camp. DJ Khaled, who is currently in Jamaica, attended dinner with […] More

Ninja Man In Jail (video)

A video has emerged on Social Media of the Don Gorgon Ninja Man in jail. In the video Ninja Man real name, Desmond Ballentine can be seen in an upful spirit in the short video the cigarette smoking artist dressed in full white filmed by someone else you hear Ninja say  ” we mek jail look like […] More

Vybz Kartel Appeal Latest

Vybz Kartel defense team will have a much shorter time to make their case in the Court of Appeal. Kingston Jamaica: Vybz Kartel and his three co-accused appeal trial got underway on Monday, and after a dramatic day in court, we are left with more questions than answers. The defense team scored their first victory in […] More

Sound Sculptors a dive into the underworld of sound system building in London

TEXT & PHOTOS: SEB CARAYOL Secrets, legends, and rumors often abound in the world of sound system building. Seb Carayol travelled to London in the late 2000s for a series of interviews with both legends and newcomers who keep the dances sounding nice. Under his durag, reminiscent of an American rapper, Steppa Dan cuts an […] More

Canada Day Promotor Calls Coco T “Grumpy Old Man” In Response Video

Wha Dis !!  Two videos have just come out on social media one from veteran artiste Coco T and the next from the Promotor of Canada Day reggae fest. Coco T Talks Reggae Day Promotor   More

A night of Reggae Gold

MORE than 100 stalwarts of the Jamaican music industry were recognised on Wednesday evening at the Reggae Gold Awards, which celebrated the genre's 50th anniversary. The National Indoor Sports Centre in St Andrew was a galaxy of stars from yesteryear to the present, who were grateful to be acknowledged for their contribution in taking the [...]

Trojan Records at 50: How One Label Ignited A British Love Affair With Jamaican Music

From introducing British skinheads to ska to signing a young Bob Marley, the label helped bring Jamaican sounds to the UK – and in doing so, eased the progress of multiculturalism Jamaican music from the late Sixties and early Seventies – a key time for its popularity here in the UK – is pretty much synonymous with one label: Trojan […] More

Birmingham UK charity worker murdered in his new Jamaican dream home

Body of stabbed Delroy Walker, 63, was found at his beach-front home in Rio Nuevo Resort A BIRMINGHAM charity fundraiser has been murdered on the sunshine island where he hoped to start a new life. Delroy Walker’s body was found at the beach-front home in Rio Nuevo Resort, Jamaica, that he had purchased only weeks […] More

Mavado 16 Year Old Son Charged With Murder

Kingston Jamaica: The 16-year-old son of dancehall superstar, Mavado, has been charged with murder for the June 5 killing of Lorenzo Thomas AKA ‘Israel’. The charges are murder, conspiracy to murder, arson, shooting with intent, and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition. Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Branch’s Major Investigation Division (MID) say the charges […] More

Windrush victim given his paperwork live on UK TV

Anthony Bryan spent time in a detention centre so became incredibly emotional as he was given his paperwork – and fans followed suit A victim from the Windrush generation was given his paperwork to stay in the UK live on TV during Good Morning Britain, and fans were absolutely heartbroken for his plight over the […] More

Capleton Speaks After Leaving Jail “I Will Continue To Do Good”

Capleton is now a free man at least for now. King Shango was released from jail on Monday on a $250,000 bail. The reggae icon spoke with reporters outside the Half Way Tree police station. Capleton was in court for his first hearing since being charged with rape last Friday. The deejay thanks his fans for their overwhelming […] More

Bounty Killer & Luciano We Thank You !!!

Bounty Killer one of the head cornerstones of our culture recently announced he was raising his dub price to $500USD this is more than fair from an artist that has given so many decades to our culture an artist that has given us so many 1000s of memorable moments Bounty Killer Rodney Price momma IVY […] More

Jamaica Gets Green Light To Export Mangoes To America

NEW YORK, USA — Jamaica has been granted permission to export mangoes to the United States, Agriculture Minister Audley Shaw said here on Monday. He said the fruit will have to be prepared under a process commonly referred to as irradiation, which is a food safety measure designed to eliminate disease-carrying bacteria. Shaw spoke to […] More

Man is a king’: Buju Banton comes home to Jamaica

Having served seven years in a US prison on drugs charges, Banton is returning to a hero’s welcome – though to many he’s still notorious for a song inciting the murder of gay people The most eagerly awaited arrival in Jamaica since Ethiopia’s Emperor Haile Selassie touched down in April 1966 might just be this weekend’s return […] More

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Preps New LP, Issues Trippy Song ‘African Starship’

Nine-track Rainford follows dub pioneer’s 2017 album Super Ape Returns to Conquer Reggae innovator Lee “Scratch “Perry will release a new album, Rainford, on May 10th via On-U Sound Records. The songwriter-producer previewed the nine-track set with the woozy new track “African Starship,” which finds Perry speak-singing over a slowed-down dub groove laced with wah-wah licks, fluttering flute and […] More

Music fans bought a lot of cassettes last year

Lovers of reggae music over a certain age will love this story and unlike the resurgence of vinyl this is a big surprise. Cassettes only died because of the CD at the time they told us this new format CD was better and cheaper than cassettes but decades on we now know that CDs were […] More

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