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Conway the Machine La Maquina album review

Over the past year of lockdown Griselda has been on steady rotation the three family members have constantly released and re-released music to a standard not seen in Hip Hop since the haye days of Wu and MOBB. Just like Wu and Mobb when you listen to a Griselda whether that be Benny The Butcher or Conway the Machine you expect to hear a certain type of music its like watching a movie like Batman in batman you expect to see violence and you expect to see Batman you don’t expect to see Batman wearing wearing a yellow bat suit and Louboutin red bottom Bat shoes twerking and that this album if your fan a fan of Conway La Maquina starts off as expected with the title track Bruiser Brody a nice easy sounding signature track exactly what we expect from The Machine moving down the tracks, track 2 6:30 Tip off noisey instrument heavy track not as versitaile as track three the pre released Black Roses which is classic Conway, track 4 and 5 are clearly for the label track 5 KD has got to be the worst Griselda track of all time its 2021 why is Coway doing Cardi B 2017 flow ?

This album is no Flygod or no Hermes this album is Armani not quite Gucci when your using Trap beats and Cardi B flow you taint your brand whether you trying to prove a point or not you dilute your brand and for that reason my review for this album this album goes no further ….

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