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Clash Stream Question ?

Reggae Sumfest showed us how it should be live stream shows and events they should be free. Facebook live is free Youtube is and U stream is free there are many many other free platforms to stream content but VRA still choose to exploit the clash fans with continued overpriced very poor quality live streams. VRA streams are no better than Facebook live streams the truth is Facebook live streams are considerably better than VRA streams because Facebook info structure is far far superior to VRA. The promoters who choose to use VRA are watering down their own brand by partnering with people from outside of our community who are proven to only be looking to exploit.

Reggae Sumfest is without a doubt one of the biggest events in Jamaica dancehall/reggae with some of the biggest artiste in the business performing over the 2 nights so how does Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica provide blip free streaming worldwide not only in HD but in 360 too for free not a penny, however, promotors in America want to charge 40 and 50 dollars to watch 5 hours of frankly rubbish ?

Reggae Sumfest live stream free live stream highlights how VRA has been exploiting promotors and clash fans worldwide $5 is the most VRA should charge for streams the facts are VRA is not black owned VRA owners are white English that’s why they have no empathy or compassion if you are in a VRA dance and you try to stream the dance the security will threaten you with removal that is the precise reason the VRA chat room closed people from outside the culture trying to dictate to those whose culture it is.

What do you think?

Written by The Editor

warrior dedicated to the cause of fighting the takeover of our culture.


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