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Chester Hanks, Jamaica and the Rodification of Jamaican sound system culture

I am going to use the recent story of Chester Hanks the son of Hollywood actor Tom Hanks to explain this because if the Hip Hop community can see it why can’t we.

Chester Hanks declared this summer “A white boy summer” there is nothing wrong with this this is a play on Meg Tha Stallions’ “Hot Girl Summer”. 

The problem is that Chester Hanks lives in black culture and like others like him he fails to understand there is no white pride in black culture, if you want to be proud of your whiteness then take yourself to white culture whether it is pop, EDM, Country, and Western, Goth there is a long list. Chester also manages to specifically anger Jamaicans with his declaration strangely talking in a mock Jamaican accent while wrapping himself in the Jamaica flag but really can Jamaicans really call out Chester’s cultural appropriation 40 years after Rodigan.

Who the fuck is this guy?

Tom Hanks’ son Chester Hanks came to prominence in black culture in 2015 after garnering backlash for using the word Nigger, the wannabe rapper — who goes by the name Chet Haze — explained why he refuses to stop saying it.

“The majority of ya’ll are not going to get this because the history is still so fresh in our country,” he explained. “But hip hop isn’t about race. It’s about the culture you identify with.

In addition to posing his argument, Haze also wrote a lengthy caption, explaining that he slings around the infamous term because to him, it’s a form of spreading “love” and expressing a sense of brotherhood among all:

If I say the word nigga I say it amongst people I love and who love me. If I say “fuck yall hatin ass niggaz” it’s because that’s really how I felt at the time. And I don’t accept society getting to decide what ANYBODY can or can’t say. That’s something we call FREE SPEECH. Now I understand the older generation who grew up in the Jim Crowe era might have strong feelings against this. And that’s understandable… But what I’m saying is this is 2015… And even tho we are still far from where we need to be and black people are still being literally KILLED by a RACIST and fucked up system… We have also reached a point where the word can no longer have a negative connotation if we so choose. And who is to say only black people can use it? The way I see it, it’s a word that unifies the culture of HIP-HOP across ALL RACES, which is actually kind of a beautiful thing. It’s a word that can be used out of camaraderie and love, not just exclusively for black people. What’s the point in putting all these built up “rules” about it. It’s time to let go. You can hate me or love me for it, but can’t nobody tell me what I can or can’t say. It’s got nothing to do with trying to be a thug. It’s about the culture of the music. And that’s all I have to say about that (no pun intended) lol. It’s all love. Some people will get it, some people won’t. Either way, Ima keep living my life however the fuck I want. ALL LOVE

Whether or not he defines the NIGGER as a term of endearment—the masses will note that he is still a (highly) privileged white man, and racism (clearly) still exists. 

Chet Hanks Baby Mama – Tiffany Miles

There is nothing wrong with others embracing black culture today’s popular culture is black culture we can’t get around that. 

Science best helps us to overstand these people’s actions: Teenage rebellion is a part of human development in young adults in order for them to develop an identity independent from their parents or family and a capacity for independent decision-making.[1] They may experiment with different roles, behaviors, and ideologies as part of this process of developing an identity.[2] Teenage rebellion has been recognized within psychology as a set of behavioral traits that supersede classculture, or race;[3] some psychologists, however, have disputed the universality of the phenomenon.[4] According to Terror Management Theory, the child’s allegiance to parental authority and worldviews can weaken after the discovery that parents, like themselves and everyone else, are mortal. This realization creates an unconscious need for security that is broader than what the parents alone provide. This can lead to new cultural allegiances, in the search for a more enduring sense of meaning. Teenagers seek to perceive themselves as a valued contributor to aspects of culture that more convincingly outlive or transcend the mortal individual’s lifespan. However, since the parents also instill their cultural beliefs onto the child, if the child does not come to associate their parents‘ mortality with their cultural beliefs, the chances of rebellion decrease.[5

In my experience here in the UK especially there are many white people in black culture whose parents carry old school views as it relates to black people of course being raised and primarily socialized by a racist does not mean you will grow up to be a racist however you can not unlearn the sentiment of hate you were raised on.

Chester and those like him are just rebelling against their parents, case in point Chesters father was forced to issue an apology amid calls for him to be removed from President Obama’s re-election video after a video emerged of him sharing a stage with a ‘blacked-up man at his children’s school.

Trying to defuse the race row, the Oscar-winning actor admitted that the incident was ‘hideously offensive’.

He said he had been ‘blindsided’ as he hosted a charity auction by the appearance of another parent who had a blackened face, was wearing an afro wig and animal print costume and was carrying a large stuffed gorilla.

Charity fundraiser: Hanks stands on stage next to investment banker James Montgomery, who is dressed as a caricature of an African man, complete with black face and Afro wig
Charity fundraiser: Tom Hanks stands on stage next to investment banker James Montgomery, who is dressed as a caricature of an African man, complete with blackface makeup and Afro wig The two-minute clip shows Hanks hosting the auction in a banquet room decorated with lights and material to look like a jungle. The event reportedly had a ‘Castaway’ theme, a reference to the 2000 film starring the actor. Hanks uses the arrival of the blacked-up man to mock Right-wing U.S. commentator Bill O’Reilly, who has himself often been accused of racial insensitivity.

And the fuckery continues..

Chester using the word Nigger and feeling that’s ok is a Yankee thing there a very few places in this world where that would be ok even in the USA there is backlash but if those around him are not stopping him from using it those around him are probably backing him and his use of the word because sadly that’s just how we are. 

History shows us that everyone in their expedition through music stumbles on and falls in love with Jamaican reggae music no matter how much they hate us or do not understand and Chester is no different.

From 1972 when American Huston-born Johnny Nash put out his million-selling reggae-infused hit “I Can See Clearly Now” after meeting Bob Marley and fellow Wailers Peter Tosh and Bunny Livingston during a visit to Jamaica the whole world fell in love with reggae. Over the next few years, their careers would be closely aligned.

March 1972: Bob & Johnny Nash on tour in London take time out to perform a free concert for students of the Peckham Manor Boys School!

Nash convinced his manager and business partner Danny Sims, with whom he formed JAD Records, to sign up Marley and the Wailers, who recorded “Reggae On Broadway” and dozens of other songs for JAD. Nash brought Marley to London in the early 1970s when Nash was the bigger star internationally and with Marley gave an impromptu concert at a local boys school. Nash’s covers of “Stir It Up” and “Guava Jelly” helped expose Marley’s writing to a general audience. The two also collaborated on the ballad “You Poured Sugar On Me,” which appeared on the “I Can See Clearly Now” album.

Johnny Nash is proof of the power of Jamaican reggae and Eric Clapton one of the biggest names in white music is proof that they don’t have to love us to love our music. Clapton had a very successful solo career, but his only #1 on the Hot 100, either with a band or solo, was his cover of Bob Marley’s 1973 “I Shot The Sheriff.” in 1974. Not surprisingly Clapton didn’t want to use this on the album, it is alleged Clapton spoke with Bob Marley about the song, said “I tried to ask him what the song was all about, but couldn’t understand much of his reply. I was just relieved that he liked what we had done.” (from Clapton: The Autobiography) Clapton kept the underlying reggae beat from Marley’s original but made it more of a rock song, with prominent organ and guitar. In America, reggae was big around this time. 

Two years after allegedly meeting Bob Marley and releasing “I shot The Sheriff” in 1976, one of Clapton’s biggest hits up to that period the rocker went on a racist rant at a concert in an arena full of fans in Birmingham, England), Eric Clapton proudly made these comments:

“Do we have any foreigners in the audience tonight? If so, please put up your hands … So where are you? Well wherever you all are, I think you should all just leave. Not just leave the hall, leave our country … I don’t want you here, in the room or in my country. Listen to me, man! I think we should send them all back. Stop Britain from becoming a black colony. Get the foreigners out. Get the wogs out. Get the coons out. Keep Britain white … The black wogs and coons and Arabs and f*cking Jamaicans don’t belong here, we don’t want them here. This is England, this is a white country, we don’t want any black wogs and coons living here. We need to make clear to them they are not welcome. England is for white people, man … This is Great Britain, a white country, what is happening to us, for f*ck’s sake? … Throw the wogs out! Keep Britain white!”

The same way Clapton can sing over Marleys song and hold the above views is the same way any white person can hold racist sentiments regardless of their chosen company and they can also be ignorant due to their white privilege but if we don’t tell these people what they doing is wrong then they will just continue just like Justin Bieber or Donald Sterling or even Chester who just like everyone else has now turned his brand of racism to Jamaica.

From April of last year, Chester has made several public appearances most notably on the Golden Globe red carpet talking mock Jamaican Patois now in 2021 this racist in an attempt to promote his racist

A couple of weeks ago Chester courted controversy over his line of merchandise after he posted a video on Instagram, saying he’s “just got a feeling this summer is about to be a white boy summer”.

“Take it how you want, I’m not talking about Trump, Nascar-type white. I’m talking about me, [rappers] Jon B, Jack Harlow-type white boys summer, you know what I mean? Let me know if you guys can vibe with that, and get ready. ‘Cause I am,” he posted on Instagram.

Chester was quickly inundated with comments, many saying they couldn’t “vibe” with that proclamation.

“I’m sorry but somebody needs to tell Chet Hanks that ‘white boy summer’ sounds like the title of a Netflix documentary about mass shootings,” one user posted on Twitter.

“I just told my friend it sounds like the announcement of a Klan convention in July,” another added.

 White Boy Summer merchandise while the name was already problematic, Hanks’s use of fonts for the collection got the internet even more riled up.

The collection, which includes hoodies, T-shirts, shorts, and tank tops, uses a Gothic-style font that is close to the one used by white nationalists. It’s also similar to the Fraktur fonts, which were used in Nazi Germany, most prominently on the cover of Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

“Unfortunately the merch looks aggressively racist,” one Twitter user posted.

“If I see anybody wearing this, I am calling the police,” another wrote.

Chester released a  song about the white boy summer that, he insists, is about to happen.

As a piece of music and as a video, “White Boy Summer” is a  kaleidoscope of cultural appropriation. The song sounds a bit like Bay Area hyphy. In the video, Chester dances with a series of black women, bouncing his head off their asses. He wraps himself in a Jamaican flag and poses next to a lowrider. He also raps in fake patois: “Bad gyal, white don dada/ rude bwoy, it’s a white boy summer.” He notes that “white girls love Madonna”? It’s a lot. 

Jamaica too Lickey Lickey…

When white people pick up black culture because of the centuries of brainwashing from Europe black people actually believe it’s a good thing and they will embrace it more than they embrace their own for example EMINEM in hip hop. As it relates to Chester’s antics Jamaica media is very quiet its the people outside of Jamaica who can see that this is racism who are talking the loudest Jamaica Gleaner one of Jamaica’s oldest and most respected newspapers only spoke up after they posted Chester video on their Instagram and someone replied

“People a tek we culture as joke and entertainment and we nuh see the danger.” 

The biggest thing to come out of Jamaica was the music and all the music was trying to be was American R&B the original music has now gone allowed to be claimed by white people in America and Europe.
Jamaica publications and Jamaica people need to STFU about Chester for decades they have embraced and indulged even going as far as awarding and celebrating people outside of Jamaican culture for appropriating Jamaican culture, before their own in recent times the Jamaica government awarded English DJ David Rodigan an award for his contribution to reggae music while ignoring those black Jamaicans who noticeably done more for reggae and Jamaica.  

The Rodification of sound system culture

We could compare Chester to David but we will not, with the utmost respect let me take Rodigan out of the equation because Rodigan has never faked a Jamaican accent yeah he has his twang as a white man around black people but he has only taken what we gave him.

You can not help who you fall in love with, people all around the world fall in love with our culture reggae sound system/clash culture everyday. Black Jamaicans have with open arms welcomed those from around the world to mimic, mock and impersonate them without a second thought From Kanye, Drake, DJ Khaled, the list is rather long. For far too long, we give them passes because we don’t see or value who we are and see short-term gains or glimmers of recognition. Nowhere on this earth apart from black culture, could people from outside the culture do what Jamaicans have allowed others to do. Chester Hanks mocking Jamaicans was co-signed by Jamaicans.

We can talk right across the board from music to fashion however as it relates to cultural appropriation/racism in reggae sound system/clash culture there are many Chesters who seemingly use their white privilege disguised as blissful ignorance to practice racism in our culture. 
Many people around the world involved in sound clash culture have parents with extreme views against black people. There are millions of black people that hate themselves there are more white people that hate black people this is a fact. As history has taught us, from the days of Massa raping our ancestors they feel nothing while taking from us. 
The Japanese attempt at Patois is to be saluted because that’s the only English they know they have actually learned to speak English through Jamaican sound recordings which is quite a feat but the Europeans and the English speakers who have been allowed continually week after week to rape our culture need to be reprimanded just like Chester you can not call out Chester and not call out many many others in sound system culture.
I could start to call people’s names but all it would do is cause black people to get angry with me.
Buying dubplates from Jamaican artists allowing you proximity to blackness doesn’t grant permission to mimic it. Of course, we have to pass some of the blame to artists because some of these pro-white sounds that operate in our culture should not have access to certain dubs. 
reggae music prominent rasta artists


So-called Concious artists like Luciano Capleton and Sizzla who claim to be upholding black culture and livity through Rastafarism these artists who play a role of righteousness should start to live what they speak Sizzla and Capleton to name two of the most both vocal over the years in their music and in interviews about “Babylon” and the system but all three continually throughout their careers continue to sell out the culture to the highest bidder. Capleton and Sizzla over the decades are responsible for some of the most militant black music ever made talking about attacking homosexuals and burning down governments and systems of oppression but on the other hand selling these same songs to the sons and daughters of the oppressors. 

No white-skinned European should be able to play custom reggae songs from Rasta artists that talk about the black struggle.

If a sound has WHITE in the title surely you don’t have to be the brightest to recognize racism and voicing dubs for these people is supporting racism. Artists can try to use the excuse that they didn’t know that they were voicing for white people in some cases but I have heard Rodigan playing dubs from Capleton where Capleton talks bout harming the slave master however he was still happy to sell the slave masters ancestors the anti-slave master music for him to challenge black people in a musical competition. 
These rastas are happy to be demonized and ostracized for their views on homosexuality while voicing music for racists who play their music in homosexual environments if Chester claiming “white boy summer” in Hip Hop is racist then so are white people claiming “White Magic”  or pertaining to be “Snowwhite” in reggae culture are racist too this is black culture there is no white pride in reggae music there is no white right of passage neither is there any acknowledgment to the role white people have played or do play. 
Jah Eyes and Maria Carr both spend their time attacking black people in black culture in an attempt to gain notoriety

Since Donald Trump white people worldwide have grown a new sense of entitlement we now have white Italian rastas like Anthony Mancini who goes by the name Jah Eyes from America and England’s Maria Carr formerly known as Lady Lyrical former owner of Vibes Reggae Arena a live reggae event streaming company both of these people have been outed as aledged racists operating in reggae culture.

Carr and Mancini both spend their time in our culture attacking black people on Social media for hype because strangely other black people love nothing more than white people who attack black people online. In 2007 Carr was cautioned by the British police for a RACIST HATE CRIME when she took to FACEBOOK to make a racially derogatory video about her former black employer and his 15-year-old daughter. Carr was also behind the now infamous RICKY TROOPER PRANK CALL where she set up the veteran sound system icon by pretending to be a promotor of a GAY pride event. 
Fast forward to 2021 and Italian Mancini publicly claimed ownership of the word JAH and went as far as attacking black people for their use of the word the irony is Mancini is a white Italian an ancestor of Muslini who himself attacked Jah and ultimately lost.
Our ancestors fought for our freedom, and Patois was the way they communicated to get messages to each other so that backra massa couldn’t hear or understand them. With this language, they were able to organize their rebellions and broker their freedom. Its not to be mocked or used by the sons and daughters of those that enslaved us for 400 years we can not stop people from mocking our culture but we do not have to continually co-sign them or their actions.
Jamaica is a third world country with a first world influence I understand Jamaica might not have got the memo that “cultural appropriation” is no longer acceptable in the new white woke era and the new rules say its not ok to mimic any culture and when people do its called out just like Chester hanks son was called out even historical mimicking like the Prime minister of Canada’s who was exposed 20 years later for wearing blackface when he was younger. There is no difference between fake patois to try sound Jamaican, blacking up your face to look negro or squinting your eyes to look oriental Asian. 

Jamaica government

Prime Minister of Jamaica , the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, recently said  the Government will be pumping resources towards monetising and upgrading brand Jamaica to better capitalise on its economic benefit and value.

He said that the objective is to attract more businesses to the country and also ensure that more Jamaican brands become international sadlyjust like successive Jamaican governments before him Holness has failed to understand exactly what Brand Jamaica is. 

One of Jamaicas biggest brands lies in ruins now devasted and ravaged because multiple Jamaican goverments allowed America and Britain for decades to poison the land claiming a need to eradicate weed because it’s dangerous and illegal and as soon as Jamaica’s land is baron and poisoned, America legalizes weed and Britain makes itself the number one exporter of Medical cannabis in the world meanwhile those that made cannabis the house hold name it is today suffer while yet again others reap what they sowed. Up until recent times it was Jamaican weed that was the most desired Lambs bread, Sensimelia, High Grade now its about the Callifornia weed after 60 years of Yard weed dominating the world and slowly but surely this trend is going to overtake the rest of Jamai

Brand Jamaica globally is on par with any other brand in the world whether that be Nike or Sony however Jamaica has no factories so when you see a Jamaica branded item of clothing whether that be a scarf or a T-shirt in Jamaica or abroad it wasn’t made in Jamaica no Jamaicas benefited.

Jamaica rum Wray and Nephew and Appleton’s are not owned by Jamaicans they are owned by Italian Campari, Red Stripe the iconic Jamaican beer company is also not owned by Jamaicans.
What Jamaica government need to do is forget about people like Chester because the horse has bolted  50 yrs ago there are no Jamaican Ska bands No Rock Steady being played reggae is now dancehall that is slowly turning into hip hop and Jamaica has allowed this to happen while Jamaica has watched idly standing by while the world raped its culture.
Bob Marley and Ali Campbell

People outside of Jamaica are happy to buy Jamaican branded goods knowing that they did not come from Jamaica. Bob Marley has sold 75 million records but UK reggae group UB40 has sold 70 million that’s 70 million records that Jamaican reggae artists didn’t sell.

Pro black is not anti-white Jamaica and their colonial education system has kept the people of Jamaica in the dark and closed their minds Jamaica continues to celebrate villains like Manley and Shearer while refusing to make Bob Marley a national hero. In 1981 Jamaica government awarded Marley the Order Of Merit the 4th highest honor and only two steps higher than the award given to Rodigan in 2019 for his contribution to reggae. This goes to show where we as black people and Jamaicans if the home of reggae music 40 years after Bob Marley’s death awards David Rodigan a disc jockey from London an award only two steps lower than what they gave Bob Marley one of the most famous people in the whole entire world without exaggeration a person that has arguably done more for black culture than any black person in the history of black people If you don’t respect yourself then how and why is the rest of the world suppose to respect you? 
If Marley and Rodigan’s achievements are in the same league then where does that leave everybody that came after Marley?
dynamq King addies
king addies Kingpin

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