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    DR Congo Records 1,000th Ebola Death in Current Outbreak

    Epidemic continues to claim lives in eastern DRC amid climate of mistrust, repeated attacks on health workers The death toll in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s latest Ebola outbreak has risen to more than 1,000, according to the country’s health ministry, with a volatile security situation and deep community distrust complicating efforts to beat back the nine-month-old epidemic. […] More

  • Vednita Carter and Marian Hatcher.

    Black Women Speak For the Children

    We find it dangerous that Teen Vogue is promoting sex work as an occupation to an audience of children by running an op-ed from an uninformed and seriously flawed doctor’s opinion. It’s appalling because the author is targeting our most vulnerable. As black survivor leaders, we unequivocally reject the commodification of any human being. The danger […] More

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    New Database in Chicago Aims To Preserve Street Art

    When a Banksy pops up on the side of a building overnight, there’s often a rush to protect the exposed graffiti art. Some small artworks end up with a wooden frame and Plexiglas cover while others, like Banksy’s Season’s Greetings require a bit more attention. However, not every mural or work of graffiti comes with the […] More

  • murerous cops
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    56 Negroes Killed By American Police

    The troubling trend of police killing unarmed Black people has shown no signs of letting up, from Tamir Riceto Botham Shem Jean to Emantic “EJ” Fitzgerald Bradford Jr., there appears to be a new shooting every week. Take a look below at the growing gallery of unarmed Black men and boys who have been shot and killed by police. […] More

  • facebook

    Report: Facebook is Punishing Black People For Talking About Racism

    Black people who openly discuss experiences of racism or call out white privilege often have their Facebook accounts suspended, according to a new report by USA Today. Numerous Black people told USA Today that when they write “white people” in their Facebook message, it gets flagged, leading to an account suspension. In 2017, Mary Canty Merrill had her post removed and account suspended […] More

  • fashion nova
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    Fashion Nova Swimwear Comes With Cancer Warning Label

    Online fashion retailer Fashion Nova is being criticised for using potentially dangerous ingredients linked to cancer and birth defects in its swimsuits. On Monday, a customer shared an image of the inside tag on her bikini to Twitter, and wrote: “Did y’all know this tag is in Fashion Nova swimsuits?” The tag, which is sewn into the neon green swimsuit, reads: “Warning. […] More

  • Ugbad Abdi
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    Somali-American Model Ugbad Abdi is More Than Just The Breakout Face of The Season, She’s The Voice of a Generation.

    The Midwestern state of Iowa isn’t the first place that springs to mind when you think about Muslim identity in America. Yet among its lush hills resides the country’s oldest Muslim community, with a quintessentially American story: in 1885 Muslims seeking religious freedom came to the USA from Syria and Lebanon, before finally settling in […] More

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