Canada apologizes for custom-made Wu Tang Clan T-shirt

Who knew Canada and China would start a rap war?

The Canadians have apologized to Chinese officials who griped over one diplomat’s custom-made T-shirt featuring the word “WUHAN” over the logo of American rap group Wu-Tang Clan, reported BBC News on Tuesday.

Some social-media users believed the stylized “W” in the band’s name appeared to resemble a bat, a reference to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The infectious disease was first detected in people in Wuhan, China, during late 2019, noted the BBC.

Many scientists assert the virus might have been carried by bats and then passed on to humans through some other animal.

A Wu-Tang Clan T-shirt is the focus of a bitter beef between China and Canada. (


Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin claimed on Monday that his country had “lodged representations with Canada” while demanding a thorough probe of how the T-shirt popped up online.

“It was created for the team of embassy staff working on repatriation of Canadians from Wuhan in early 2020,” a Canadian embassy spokesman explained to Reuters. “The T-shirt logo designed by a member of the embassy shows a stylized W, and is not intended to represent a bat.”

Since the outbreak in Wuhan, China has been sensitive about claims that the virus originated there.

Former U.S. president Donald Trump repeatedly disparagingly referred to COVID-19 as the “Wuhan virus” or “China virus.”

Despite being the epicenter of the outbreak, China has become steadfast in keeping its residents safe. As of Tuesday, health tracker Johns Hopkins University reported 4,820 deaths in the nation of 1.4 billion people.

Canada, with a population less than 3% of China’s, has recently surpassed 20,000 coronavirus casualties.

Worldwide, more than 2.25 million people have lost their lives to the disease, including more than 446,000 Americans.

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