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Bounty Killer & Luciano We Thank You !!!

Bounty Killer one of the head cornerstones of our culture recently announced he was raising his dub price to $500USD this is more than fair from an artist that has given so many decades to our culture an artist that has given us so many 1000s of memorable moments Bounty Killer Rodney Price momma IVY son we salute you and thank you.

Another stable of our culture who also declared a rise in his dubs was Luciano and again nobody in this culture is gonna bawl. Luciano on dub is second to none the quality and the energy is unmatched and the fact for a nearly 2 decades Luciano’s dub price has been way under value. Luciano from the culture of sound clash we salute you sir and the you for all that you have done and continue to do.


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