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Bounty Killer and Skatta Burrell At War Over “God”

Bounty Killer and Skatta Burrell are at war because one is God-fearing and one is an atheist.

Bounty Killer has been in the headlines since last week for his onslaught on Mavado and Alkaline, but now the dancehall legend is in the media for believing in God. Yes you heard that correct, Bounty and Skatta Burrell, who is a known atheist, are at war, and both are holding firm to their beliefs.

Last weekend, Bounty Killer posted an old video of himself from an interview OnStage with Winford Williams where he opened up about being a God-fearing gangster dancehall artist. The clip was reposted from one of his fan pages on Instagram. “In a 2009 On Stage Interview, the General say just because he makes hardcore gangsta Dancehall chunes, that doesn’t mean he can’t go to church and praise God,” Killer wrote.

“The Warlord also says that one day if God tells him to leave Dancehall alone, he will do it. Bounty Killer will forever be a legend of Dancehall but he would be known as Rodney Price. Spreading the message of God in the music just like Mama Ivy always wanted him to do.”

Skatta Burrell wasn’t too happy about that and went on his Instagram Live to blast Bounty Killer for what he calls spreading a religion created by the slave masters. The Downsound producer has always been a staunch critic of Christianity and all forms of religion and every Sunday you will see him reinforcing his beliefs on social media. Pretty much, Skatta told Bounty Killer to go take up a book and educate himself before speaking about God and Christianity.

Of course, he knew that statement would anger Bounty Killer, and it did. Killer then reposted another post from his fan page blasting Skatta for chiming in. “Skatta… I mean, Chatta Burrell, made a live video and started to run his mouth off because you know he likes attention and wants to be relevant by calling up people name,” he said.

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