The rise of dub prices and the fall in clash attendance is not sustainable. For the past decade the attendance at black reggae soundclash events has been on the decline the modern day sounds have failed to capture the admiration of the soundclash fans worldwide, unlike the previous generation. Which sound that has buss in the last decade from Jamaica is the future new Stone Love, Jaro or even Bass Odessey as it relates to worldwide admiration which sound from UK is the next Saxon in the USA rather than carrying on the legacy of Matterhorn and Babyface the new Addis team have failed miserable. At one time in order to build a sound you had to be someone in your community you had to be ghetto fabulous you had to have charisma and personality people had to actually like and admire you as a person the modern day sounds owners and selectors are lacking. The the modern day sound is not a defender of their community just a defender of the sound owners ego these sounds have no support before they built their sound and as a conquence of their lack of talent have no fan base after their sound is built if the people in your own community don’t come and support you how you expect people from out of your community too. This used to be the entertainment business Ricky Trooper Skyjuice, Rory, Squiggy, Babyface the list goes on were all entertainers people with personality. The biggest personality to come out of sound system in the past ten years was the manufactured white woman that Playmakers owner used to bring attention to his sound even though she has now faded into the dust, while on Playmaker their is no doubt that the world knew her name whether it was for oral sex on video, Trooper prank or the customs the owner cut you cannot say that Playmaker owner never engaged and drew the attention of the soundclash public.

world clash 2016

Irish and Chin Worldclash which is seen as the pinnacle of of reggae sound clash events was recently held in New York to a disappointing turn out. This year saw 8 sounds from around the globe from Germany to Canada represent and again as is so much the case it was just the best of the worst Chin only books friends for his events and as a result his clashs lack passion, a lot of people said the absence of any big sounds like Bass Odessey, at the event was also a factor in the low turn out but surely 8 international sounds from around the world should of been able to hold their own but clearly not. How with the advent of social media and the internet are international sounds less known ?


The only selector on worldclash that non sound clash fans knew was Jazzy T because Renaissance is a big juggling sound, for decades however this is sound clash not juggling. Ricky Turbo from King Turbo and Mattia from Warrier went to tune fi tune not based on music they played but based on their personalities being a little more engaging than the rest of the sounds on the bill. So can we put the decline of audiences down to the promotors not booking the real sounds choosing to book there friends instead of the actual sounds the people want to hear. Again look at world clash Chin books the UKs King Tubbys to represent England sadly King Tubbys flopped so badly they were omitted from the worldclash video, when asked “why waste a world clash spot on Tubbys?” Chin explained that Tubbys was the only UK sound that was willing to work, the truth is Tubbys was the only UK sound willing to work for free or little or no money.


The rise of the dub prices is a direct result of the lack of talent. These modern day guys who are products of the 90s believe that the more a dub costs the more impact it will have in a dance because these modern day guys have no speech so they rely on the dubs to substitute and because these guys are 90s children people like Shabba have learned that they can exploit the fact that these modern day sound guys grew up exposed to Mr Loverman on the radio and not Permit Fi Bury by Ninja Man on a cassette, resulting in Shabba dub being a 1000usd and Ninja dubs costing a lot less even though Ninjaman has the better war catalogue and the better CV..


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