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Boom Boom, Sizzla Victim Of Fake News

Boom Boom & Sizzla Victim Of Fake News

A report on social media recently stated that dancehall selector Boom Boom has broken his silence after he was reportedly assaulted by Sizzla & his entourage for allegedly playing an Ishawna single

I can confirm that this story is fake Boom Boom is currently in the UK and not in Jamaica Boom Boom has not been beaten by Sizzla or Sizzla’s camp. Sadly people from outside of our community are spreading fake news stories on a regular basis about our artists it is a growing problem.

Dancehall star Mr. Easy on seeing the news on Boom Boom immediately reached out to confirm that this was fake news saying “wow mi shock how the people dem wicked suh an the man is in England”.

Here at soundclash cloud will always bring the real and kill the fake


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