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B. Simone said latin women had an “Upper Hand” over black women

B Simone
B Simone

If the backlash from comedian B. Simone’s comments about Latin and Black women is anything to go by, racist comments shouldn’t feature in your jokes, let alone your serious talk.

The comedian made a comment that many people would typically dismiss as nothing more than a joke. Unfortunately for her, netizens took her sentiments seriously, terming her comments racist.

It’s, however, not the first time Simone has made comments perceived as racial. She did that previously while talking about rapper DaBaby, whom she’s confessed to be her crush.

This time, the rapper-cum-comedian was talking about DaBaby’s current girlfriend, singer Dani Leigh.

“The b-tch is fine,” said Simone in an Instagram Live. “I’m not a hater. She’s f-cking beautiful. She’s Latin. Latin b-tches already have the upper hand. They speak two languages and f-cking spiciness is in your blood. It’s not fair. Chilli peppers b-tch.”

She went on to pour praises on Latin women, saying they exhibit sexual attraction from a younger age. This follow up comment is what appeared to anger more people because it made it clear that the first one was intentional.

When asked by one of her team members to clarify what she meant by her utterances, her response neither answered nor explained any of the comments. Instead, she said Dani Leigh has an edge over her because Leigh is a dance, going as a far as mentioning that she’s disadvantaged because she’s advanced in age and unfit physically.

Simone said Leigh’s lifestyle made her have a great physique, explaining that the way Leigh was brought up and her dance profession has given her a great look. The comedian added that age difference is a factor that can’t be ignored. Simone was born in 1990, meaning she’s a decade older than Leigh.

In spite of her comments and explanations about her physique and age, the kind of backlash she received from social media made it clear that her fan-base and, of course, haters weren’t pleased a bit. One critic warned her against taking advantage of being a comedian to spew racially discriminative sentiments.

Obviously, Simone is a comedian and she was clearly joking. However, just because something is said humor doesn’t make it any less problematic. People have a habit of putting down Black women while simultaneously exalting women of other races and it’s hurtful — especially coming from one of our own. And as you’ve probably guessed, people had no qualms with taking to social media to address the blunder.

Simone has been no stranger to controversy this year. Last summer, the former “Wild N’ Out” star made headlines after she said that she can’t date a man who works a regular 9-5 because he wouldn’t understand her entreprenurial lifestyle. Shrortly after those comments went viral, she was accused of plagiarizing in her book, Baby Girl, Manifest The Life You Want.


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