Anti-gang Worker Says Lewisham UK Police Have ‘ruined his life’ After Raid

A former gang member who was once recognised by the Home Office for saving young lives is seeking a huge payout after slamming Lewisham policefor “stamping” on his career.

Wenton Sloley, 35, is the director of Crying Sons, and has trained “thousands” of police officers on how to engage with youngsters.

Crying Sons aims to helps those in authority like police, NHS staff and religious groups enter dialogue with possible gang members.

Mr Sloley’s training includes advising officers on how to sensibly conduct a stop and search.

He has lived in Lewisham since 2014, and has assisted the police with murder investigations.

But he said his career began to come crashing down on his birthday when officers allegedly tried to break into his flat in Sedgehill Road on October 4.

The flat was raided four days later when officers “smashed it to bits”.

The anti-gang worker said he is now suffering from trauma and depression, and has been forced to move home for his own safety.

He claims police leaked the raid and had him “blacklisted”, resulting in some business partners cutting ties.

Mr Sloley said police phoned senior officers, NHS workers and business partners about the raid to “shut him down”.

He is now living with his family elsewhere over safety fears after his address became public.

The Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS) is now investigating the Met Police’s conduct.

A spokesman for the Met told News Shopper: “A complaint in relation to damage of reputation and character was received on October 30 and the DPS is investigating.

“As with any investigation, complainants are kept up-to-date on progress.

“This followed an investigation by officers from the South East Command Unit based at Lewisham in which a 35-year-old man was interviewed under caution in relation to an operation where a number of drugs and a weapon was found.

“He was not arrested.”

Mr Sloley said there were no drugs or weapons at his flat, hence why he was not arrested.

He added the man police wanted, who apparently used to live in his flat five years ago, was sentenced after other homes were raided.

However, police have not confirmed this.

“They accepted they did wrong,” Mr Sloley told News Shopper. “They have offered to pay for the damage to my property.

“They leaked my address and told people I had been interviewed, which is a breach of my rights because I wasn’t charged or even bailed.”

Despite the raid, Mr Sloley said he continued working with Lewisham police for two days after they broke into his home.

Half of his property has still not been returned, including newspaper clippings of his career achievements.

Mr Sloley added: “This was a personal attack on me. They smashed up my place and recovered nothing. They then leak this to make sure I never work again.

“Something here doesn’t make sense. To be honest my career is finished, they have ended that and stamped on it.

“They have ruined my whole life.”

He believes he was targeted for how high he has climbed after once being an offender.

Mr Sloley said he was one of the most “influential black people” in Lewisham and “jealously” may be behind what he described as an attack on his character.

News Shopper understands the Met’s legal services department has received an invoice for £3 million for lifetime damages from Mr Sloley.

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