The times have changed but the people have not

For 4 centuries the fore fathers and mothers of these people legally raped our men, women and children and now we reach the 21st century the rape continues the war on us as the negro continues they manipulate our minds capture our creativity.

Slavery under another name is still slavery we are sports, music and entertainment but we do not own sports, music or entertainment we have nothing that they have not gifted to us or allowed us to have.

We as negroes are in a place from which we will never return the biggest things in “black” history of the 21st century prove this, the white funded Black Lives Matter and the white funded Black Panther movie are fundamental examples of negro regression and mental slavery.

The media is controlled by the same people that put us in chains they have nothing good for us only bad. Police killing niggers is news they report not because they care about us its because it gets their numbers up when the white supramist main stream media reports a “black interest” story its not out of black interest when you share these stories in the black community from these racist news organisations your building them because for every black interest story on these sites there is 10 racist stories or 10 stories written by people with racist views. 

Music Culture News takes the “black interest stories” from the white supremacist owned main stream and those that sympathize or are blissful of white supremacy in the persuit of finacial gain I.E. those black/negro owned sites that run adverts from our oppressors.

We  provide a place where the negro and black can feel comfortable knowing they are not supporting white supremacy in no shape or form. Why should you have to go to white people to read stories from people like youselves everything reproduced or printed on MCN is and are used under Section 107 of the Copyright Act

Thank you from Playmaker Media Group