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Maino Embarrasses Himself With Lil Kim Acts Like A Real Eeeidiot(video)

New York America: Lil’ Kim was honored with an award during a ceremony in New York City for African-American Music Appreciation Month. During the event, rapper Maino appeared and what happened next has a whole lot of people wondering WTF ?

It started when Kim was being introduced, and Maino barged in and interrupted at this point Kim looks visibly shaken and her security surround.

Kim looking visibly annoyed with Maino tries to stay composed while he continues to hijack her event when Maino took it upon himself to award Kim her honor she also snatches the award from him when he handed it to her.

At the end of the ceremony, probably the most questionable moments came when Kim was addressing the crowd and taking pictures. Maino can clearly be seen repeatedly putting his hands on Kim’s shoulders and pinching Kim with Kim repeatedly and awkwardly trying to remove his hand.

The way this story has been told in our media with some of our biggest publications downplaying the incident is disgusting, this is Maino intimidating his ex-partner live in clear view of the world and should be reported as such.

See the outrage on social media where Maino’s action’s and intent were not taken lightly


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