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Chronixx tells sounds to play splice dubs

Reggae artiste Chronixx has stirred up the sound clash community with his recent comments in an interview on Antigua radio the snippet of the interview that’s doing the rounds on social media.

Listen here

The Jamaica-born star can be heard talking on the subject of dubplates/specials stating “even though it is a very lucrative business for some artist I cannot participate fully in it” Chronixx who is worth 2 million US dollars and is the son of dubplate/special legend Chronicles goes on to say “its a money driven ting and I am not gonna fully participate when I do it is to replenish the music, to selectively place the music in the right sound systems” Chronixx who charges upward of a $1000 USD for a special/dubplate goes further with the revelation “some people should play splice because I am never gonna do a dub for some sounds never ever ever” at this point the repoter who is a female can be heard asking him if he feels disrespect when people play fake Chronixx the artist can be heard laughing then the voice of we believe to be Chronixx manager comes in airing his grevience with impartient sound men and trying to justify the $1000 USD price tag claiming “it costs a lot of money to make so a $1000 is nothing in comparison to what we have spend, invested in the music”.

we asked some leading figures in the business from around the world  what their were thoughts on Chronixx statement Dennis Rowe Saxon CEO London  stated the

“mans got too big for his boots i think dubplate is a waste of money u dont pay 1000 dollars for a dub when most sounds don’t even get 1000 to play”

Lee Major from Earth Ruler New York

‘i don’t think he should say that i wouldn’t advocate you to play fake song i think he was being sarcastic i think it was an off day for him to say that he should of not said that to me that statement is damaging to the business”

Avatar selector from Jamaica

” when it reach time that yuh want to pressure your own ting chronicles him daddy pave the way for him and what Chronixx a try do to the music is not good he (sic) wouldn’t want them to splice out him life cause every dance him songs would be playing and he won’t make a dollar and him price would have to drop”

Avatar added  “tell him fi find a reasonable price say 50 grand Jamaican”

It sounds like Chronixx will only be doing dubplates for sounds who he has already voiced for which is an unusual decision, to say the least especially when the majority of sounds who purport to have Chronixx on dub are not Jamaican or black so does this mean that Chronixx is turning his back on black people as he climbs further and further into the music industry ?


What do you think?

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