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Babyface Fires Shot At Soundclash Cloud

Recently Trinidadian Richard Babyface Thomas formerly of King Addies sound from New York verbally attacked soundclash on the social media platform Twitter (tweets blow). Babyface took offense at Soundclash cloud  stating that an upcoming dance with him and Ricky Trooper should be a clash as you can see the tweet was in the utmost respect even going as far calling him a “Dan” however Mr. Thomas seemed to take offense at this tweet as can be seen and after the tweets  he blocks soundclash cloud  and continues on Facebook where he can disrespect without reply..

Soundclash cloud was built because of a need for us as a people to own our own culture, not Soundcloud, not Youtube, not Facebook but us whether that be us as Negro people or us as Jamaicans or us as lovers of this soundclash cultural. Soundclash cloud isn’t here to tear down anybody Mr. Thomas feels that its ok for him as a Negro to attack other Negros on a public forum soundclash cloud hosts and promotes without ANY profit Soundclash and black culture.

Mr. Thomas has played sound system for several decades there are hundreds of hours of footage and audio on Soundcloud, Youtube, and various other sites of Mr. Thomas doing so. Mr. Thomas nor the owner of King Addies receives any money from their past achievements being streamed millions of times on the internet Soundclash cloud does not receive any money either however YOUTUBE, SOUNDCLOUD make millions off of other peoples past achievements including Mr. Thomas’s but you will not see any posts from Mr. Thomas dissing Youtube , however, Mr. Thomas wants to attack the BLACK owned resource.

This is why soundclash cloud is so important we have so many people in the culture not promoting the culture but benefiting off the cultural we have so many people from outside the cultural of reggae eating off of the culture who refuse again to promote the culture. Mr. Thomas has chosen to attack soundclash cloud in an attempt to raise up himself that’s why he took to Facebook to continue to share his disrespect. This self promotion no matter what the cost this chasing of FACEBOOK likes without prejudice is why we are at a point that UK GOOGLE  before soundclash cloud did not have one first page hit containing the term soundclash relating to reggae music or Negro culture even though there are more forums on FACEBOOK relating to UK reggae/dancehall sound system culture than any other place in the world  these forums and their self-promotion are not promoting the all they are promoting is passa passa that is why Mr. Thomas left Twitter to take his rant to Facebook to promote passa passa.

What do you think?

Written by The Editor

warrior dedicated to the cause of fighting the takeover of our culture.


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