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The Struggle Continues..

30 years after Mighty Crown took to the sound system culture stage backed by Irish and Chin Yard Beat from Yokohama Japan defeat’s Jamaica’s own Bass Odessey in the Grande Finale of the Boom All Star Clash tournament in Jamaica and judging by the headline in the Jamaica Star newspaper some in Jamaica are not happy.

Ackee & Saltfish

From the arrival of Ackee and Salt fish from in the 1980s Jamaican dancehall has loved the Japanese and the Japanese have loved Jamaican dancehall so why now are some in Jamaica now turning on the Japanese. Yard Beat reached the final after already disposing of Jamaican opposition so why now speak up sadly the majority in reggae dancehall culture only speak out when it’s not going their way.

I haven’t heard anybody speak out against none negros in Jamaican dancehall culture since Eeeka Mouse in 2007 or before that the late great Peter Tosh was infamous for speaking out however these voices are few and far between especially from those with a voice.

Peter Tosh interview 1987

What do you think?

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warrior dedicated to the cause of fighting the takeover of our culture.


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