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The grime Star With Sickle Cell Using Rap To Get Blood For Black Patients: ‘I Want To Help Save Lives’

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Putting a completely new meaning to ‘coming for your blood’, grime rapper A Star is using his gift to encourage people to donate blood.

The UK rapper – who has sickle cell anaemia – released Hidden Pain featuring singer Leke, in partnership with NHS Give Blood this month to encourage people to donate – especially to save the lives of black patients with his genetic conditions.

Filmed in a University College hospital ward, the music video sees the 30-year-old suffering a sickle cell crisis, comforted by his family, wheelchair-bound and rapping with other people – including his own mother – living with sickle cell.

Speaking exclusively the star, real name Alidor Gaspar, spoke of his shock when learning of the most recent statistics around donors.

‘One per cent of black people in the UK give blood,’ he said.

I couldn’t believe it when I first heard it. It was so shocking and it was just heartbreaking man.

‘The statistic says that one person that gives blood can save three lives,’ he told us before describing his experience with transfusions.

He recalled: ‘A few days after my 25th birthday I got a hip replacement. I had problems with my hip a few years ago because of lack of blood flow in my hip due to sickle cell which means my left hip was getting stiff.

A week after that I had to get a blood transfusion.

In his song, A Star shared some of his most vulnerable moments through his lyrics, as he rapped: ‘From as young as 5 getting rushed to the hospital/ I still remember clearly wow.

‘I can still hear the screams, still hear the shouts / Blue lights and ambulance noises / Wheelchair & oxygen mask / I got to be daft if I planned to avoid it’.

A Star acted scenes of real-life sickle crises he often suffers (Picture: YouTube/NHS Give Blood)

Despite his incredible display of strength, the rapper confessed that filming the scenes and re-enacting his real-life sickle cell crises proved to be difficult for the musician. A Star acted scenes of real-life sickle crises he often suffers (Picture: YouTube/NHS Give Blood) But he urged himself to push through and got his ‘Denzel on’ – his words – in order to make people see the realities of the pain he shares with many other sufferers.

He said: ‘I wanted to make it uncomfortable for people to watch.

‘A lot of people online said it took them [some] time to watch the video because they knew they were going to cry. They did cry. ‘I really tried to paint a picture of what it looks like to have pain and having people around you feeling like they are helpless.’

The Leytonstone rapper revealed to us that a remix is already in the works, before sharing why it is important for black donors to give blood amid the shockingly low statistics.

I do know someone who had to stop receiving blood because their body reacted to the blood they were getting because it wasn’t from a black person,’ he said.

‘This is why we need more black people giving blood, especially for sickle cell sufferers. It literally saves lives.’

After describing life with the disease as ‘challenging and also life-threatening sometimes’, the rapper revealed his hopes for multiple legacies –  but that he certainly hopes it involves raising awareness for sickle cel

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