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Zion Williamson Injured as Nike Shoe Falls Apart After 33 Seconds

The 18-year-old tipped to be the next big thing in basketball was injured after only 33 seconds on Wednesday, when his Nike shoe fell apart.

Zion Williamson, who is the projected number one pick in June’s NBA Draft, has been dubbed the ‘next LeBron James’.

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski sounded very confident that Williamson will return this season after beating Syracuse Saturday night.

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Still can’t believe this happened. Hope Zion is ok.

According to Yahoo Sports, Coach K made it clear there hasn’t been any talks about shutting down the insane freshman phenom. He also added, “He wants to play. He loves being at Duke.”

Ultimately, this is a decision that will be left up to Zion to make, but I highly doubt Coach K would be out here telling people that he wants to play if that wasn’t the case.

If he heals up, then I think it’s more than reasonable to assume the freshman star will be back. Not many people ever have a chance to win national title, and Duke has the opportunity to this season, especially if Zion is healthy.

Now, if he’s borderline when it comes to his knee, then there’s no shot in hell he should play the rest of the year. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Prepare for Duke to be lethal if Zion returns this season and is 100 percent.

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